A number of businesses and learning institutions are imposing vaccine mandates, but it’s a complicated matter. With no clear set of guidelines from the government, individual organisations are having to set the rules themselves. Business for South Africa [B4SA] is planning to apply for a high court declaratory order to get clarity on vaccine mandates. Martin Kingston of B4SA spoke with eNCA’s Sally Burdett. Courtesy of #DStv403
JOHANNESBURG – “You catch more bees with honey”, is the view of businesses for South Africa on the contentious topic of vaccine mandates.
With no clear set of guidelines from government and at least a dozen court challenges, individual businesses are having to make up their own minds.
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B4SA’s Martin Kingston said: “The Ministry of Health last year made it clear that government itself, as an employer, including the Department of Health was looking at the viability and practicality of putting in vaccine mandates.
“Many countries around the world have put in mandates in place for healthcare workers. We’re not insisting, I need to emphasise we’re saying that the first and most important route to be explored is one of persuasion on the merits of the case based upon a fact-based approach.
“We’ve got two years now of empirical evidence as a world and as a country that we can rely upon but we need to be able to motivate appropriately and correctly to each and every individual the benefits and merits of vaccination it’s not a question of doing so by edict,” he said.
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