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India has been a treasure trove of miraculous herbs and spices, and a reflection of this can be seen in every aspect of our life.

Right from adding a twist of taste to our delicacies to relieving pain to adding soul to our bland drinks, Indian spices and herbs have been known for their umpteen health benefits.
But there’s one spice that will leave you amazed with its miraculous benefits. Yes, we are talking about Nutmeg and you would be surprised to see how a dash of nutmeg can give you the right boost of immunity and improve other aspects of your life.

Nutmeg also known as jaiphal is an aromatic spice used in several delicacies, but you would be surprised to known that this spice can not only add a burst of flavours to your drinks and delicacies, but its sweet aroma works as an enticing aphrodisiac spice, which is also known as viagra for women, according to a research conducted in Africa and Published in the journal of BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine.
Apart from that, this spice has been used as an age-old remedy for improving physical as well as mental well being. From Ayurveda to ancient medicines, nutmeg has been used as a potent spice to improve sleep,health, immunity and what not! It is packed with the goodness of minerals such as magnesium, manganese and copper and other essential vitamins such as B1, B6; Have you ever wondered why and how a pinch of nutmeg is great for women’s health?
Since ages, a combination of milk with a pinch of nutmeg has been an age-old remedy to improve sex drive. Even according to Ayurveda, this spice helps in calming the nervous system and improves blood circulation to the reproductive organs. This is the reason why it has been deemed as women’s viagra.
Apart from that, a pinch of nutmeg daily helps in balancing the hormonal imbalance in the body, which happens due to an imbalance of estrogen hormones in the female body. This group of hormones are responsible for the reproductive health of a woman and adding a pinch of this spice can help in increasing libido as well as balancing the hormones.
What’s more, this spice consumed with milk also works as an antidepressant and is an excellent mood lifter, which further releases serotonin, a hormone that helps in inducing sleep and improving brain health. A combination of serotonin and estrogen helps in improving reproductive health in women and revives slackening libido caused due to several health and mental issues like menopause, menstrual cycles, depression and anxiety to name a few. Here are a few more reasons why adding nutmeg to the diet can help in improving the overall health.
The presence of essential oils like myristicin, elemicin, eugenol and safrole in Nutmeg helps in relieving joint pain, swelling and inflammation. Nutmeg helps in reducing inflammation and helps in healing nerves.

The healing properties of nutmeg helps in nerve relaxation. The potent medicinal properties of nutmeg help in calming nerves and releasing the serotonin, which induces sleep. According to Ayurveda, drinking a glass full of milk with a dash of nutmeg can help in improving sleep conditions.
Adding a pinch of nutmeg to your curries, soups and beverages can improve your digestion. The presence of essential oils in nutmeg has a carminative effect on the digestive system, which helps in relieving the discomfort caused due to bloating, constipation etc. Moreover, nutmeg helps in secretion of digestive enzymes that improve metabolism and help in losing weight.

A dash of nutmeg works as an antidepressant and releases stress by calming the nerves. It works as an adaptogen, which has sedative effects and also relieves stress and anxiety.

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