Cinnamon is a well-known flavor enhancer filled with antioxidants, but could the fragrant spice also be used as a skincare ingredient?
This natural oil is great for revitalizing both skin and hair. 
Bravely going where every white girl has gone before. 
Dr. Simon Ourian opens up about his luxury skincare line MDO Skin.
See what designers presented as the Italian fashion capital took center stage.
I Love Being Me! is the story of Rachel, a Japanese-American girl who embarks on a journey of self-acceptance through fighting against the bullying and xenophobia she experiences in school. 
This year's Grammy Awards will take place on April 3.
Layer up and keep warm this winter with a pair of tights.
Amid the very public feud between Britney and Jamie Lynn Spears, things finally seem to be looking up.
Inclusive and increasingly sustainable, Parade is launching a recycling program that gives back to consumers and the planet. 
Want that glowy, almost perfect skin celebrities are sporting? Look no further, as we round up all of the best-kept beauty secrets Hollywood’s biggest stars have to offer.
Lady Gaga is one of today's most acclaimed artists with a list of mansions at her disposal, but she got her roots on the Lower East Side of New York City.


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