The world’s natural sweetener, honey is a golden sweet delight that can bring a smile to everyone’s face. While we all know that honey comes from bees, most of us don’t know how exactly is honey removed from the bees. Is the honey extracted or harvested? How does it end up in the jar at our homes? We have found a video that shows the entire process! The bees extract nectar from flowers, process it into honey and then fill it in the beehives. Then the beekeeper harvests the honey from the beehive. This video was uploaded by Instagram based food blogger @eatthisagra and it has garnered 914k views and 17k likes. Take a look:

A post shared by Vansh???????? (@eatthisagra)

A post shared by Vansh???????? (@eatthisagra)

In the video, we see framed beehives are meticulously stored at a distance from each other. The beekeepers are seen in protective gear to prevent any bees from stinging him.

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The first step is to smoke the beehives before doing anything; the smoking is done to calm down any aggressive bees within the hive. We see beekeepers smoke the beehive. After smoking; the beekeeper removes one frame from the honeycomb and removes the bees from the frame.


Honey has anti-bacterial and may help you prevent chapped lips.

Honey has anti-bacterial and may help you prevent chapped lips.
The bees fill their honey in the hexagonal honeycombs and once it is filled, they seal the honeycomb with beeswax so that it doesn’t leak. The wax is the white build up on the frames that can be seen in the video. This wax is removed from each frame by the beekeeper so that the beekeeper can access the honey.

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Next, the wax-less frames are placed in a cylinder and spun at a fast pace, to remove the honey from the honeycombs. The spinning creates a centrifugal force, and it is this force that extracts the honey. The cylinder is filled with honey and the honey is removed from it using a tap that is attached to the bottom of this cylinder. The honey is ready for use!

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