Victoria’s mandatory triple vaccination extends the deadline in plans towards the states fully vaccinated.
Victoria has eased restrictions for masks and working from home settings as the public health ministration highlighted the goals towards a fully vaccinated state.
The minister for Health also declared temporary exceptions and deadline extensions for workers required to receive three doses of the COVID-19 vaccine.
Workers in education facilities who were fully vaccinated on, or before October 25 will be extended by a month – while fully vaccinated workers who aren’t yet eligible will have a deadline of three months and two weeks from their second dose.
Victorian’s vaccination rates have provided safe steps in getting more people to return to the office, minister for Health Martin Foley said, “We’re balancing the need to support our health system with the benefits of easing restrictions in a careful and sensible way.”
A Fair Share for Australian Manufacturing – a new report highlighted how the pandemic exposed the strategic importance of Australia’s domestic manufacturing while documenting its decline in recent years, according to Pharmaceutical Technology.
The benefits that could have reaped with an efficient manufacturing sector, including $180 billion in new sales, $50 billion in additional GDP, and over 400,000 new jobs, shared by economist and director of the Centre for Future Work, Jim Stanford.
Head of investment strategy and chief economist at AMP Capital, Shane Oliver, said the prevailing direction of economic trends in the manufacturing and service sectors were consistent with the Omicron impact low and short while the GDP continued to recover in the first quarter of the year.
“With the fading of the Omicron wave business conditions, PMIs rebounded in Aug in Feb with the composite PMI plus nine points to a strong 55.9 driven mainly by services,” Oliver said. 
Others believe that the pandemic created incentives for private and public sector organisations to work together on expediting the commercialisation of new vaccines.
Domestic manufacturing of US-developed mRNA vaccines recently followed Moderna’s presence in Australia late last year. 
Commissioned through Commonwealth and Victorian government agreement that followed nearly a year of deliberations, will create a medical manufacturing “honeypot” to the local sector, according to Australia’s chief Scientist Dr Cathy Foley. 
“When you look at the Australian context, there’s nothing like bringing a company in to be able to set up manufacturing here. It is a little bit like a honey pot to bees, and you start creating an ecosystem which allows path to market,” Dr Foley said according to InnovationAus.
“Because mRNA is not just for COVID vaccines, that has got potential for a range of different vaccines and therapeutics for different medical conditions.”
Victoria will require workers who are recent international arrivals to have a third dose of four weeks from the day of their arrival, provided they have evidence of a future vaccine booking.
 Workers whose temporary medical exemption has expired will have a new third dose deadline of two weeks following the expiry of the medical exemption.
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