MTV aired episode 7 of The Challenge: Ride or Dies season 38 on Wednesday, November 23, 2022, at 8 pm ET. The remaining ten teams on the show performed a “Peaking Blinders” task to save themselves from elimination and get the opportunity to nominate others for eviction. Team members were supposed to run from one point to another in the game of memory and physical endurance.
One partner was supposed to stand on a small pole, while the other had to learn a specific color pattern answer key. Subsequently, the contestants were supposed to create the same answer key with puzzles. Nelson was the fastest runner, and Nurys accompanied him.
Nelson asked Nurys to remember less and make more trips from point A to B, to increase their chances of accuracy. Nurys did not do so and remembered most of the bottom pieces in the first round. The only team that came close to Nurys puzzle was Devin’s answer key. When Nury and Nelson finished their answer keys, Devin had just two pieces left to attach.
Host TJ Lavin praised their quick performance as some of the other members, like Veronica-Darell, were wasting a lot of time while trying to memorize the tiles. The Challenge: Ride or Dies fans were impressed with Nurys’ game and praised her team for their quick speed.
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While Nelson has performed many tasks in The Challenge franchise, he has never won any of them. The Challenge: Ride or Dies fans felt that Nelson’s ride or die, Nurys, helped him win the task.
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This week on The Challenge: Ride or Dies, Aneesa and Jordan felt more connected after winning the elimination task. On the other hand, Jay and Michele recognized that after two weeks of winning the tasks, everyone was upset with them. Devin tried to extend his ‘not put my name in the elimination round’ deal for another week. Tori asked Devin to be honorable, but the latter wanted to use his friendships to lengthen his time on the show.
Amber knew that Devin was making more deals and feared that she was on Devin’s radar. Amber talked to Nelson about the entire situation because she thought he genuinely cared about her. In a confessional, Nelson said he wanted to maneuver his way into the competition through connections.
The description of the episode reads,
Devin tried to get into the minds of Nelson and Nurys to save himself. He also convinced them to put Amber and Chauncey into elimination. However, Amber’s team won the elimination task. Darrell and Veronica were eliminated, but the former said he would return to the show.
MTV airs The Challenge: Ride or Dies every Wednesday at 8 pm ET.
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