U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright speaks with reporters in 2000 after her talks with Russian Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov in Moscow. Associated press
A rebuff by a top editor at the Chicago Sun-Times who called Madeleine Albright “honey” was a turning point early in her career, the Sun-Times’ Lynn Sweet reports.
Albright studied journalism and politics as a student at Wellesley College. She and her husband, Joseph, in 1960 moved to Chicago, where he got a job as a reporter, and she soon applied, too.
But she was turned down on the grounds of the company’s anti-nepotism policy. One of the newspaper’s editors, Emmett Dedmon, took her out to dinner and told her, ‘Honey, you may want to be a reporter, but you can’t be on the paper your husband works for, so why don’t you find another career?”
She took a job with Encyclopedia Britannica, later divorced Joseph, got her Ph.D. in Russian studies and soon landed in Jimmy Carter’s White House.
Read Sweet’s full column.


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