Chamomile is one of Greece’s most popular teas and this much-loved herb is also used in Greek households for medicinal purposes, as it is known for its anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.
Sip the many great benefits of Greek chamomile tea
Pronounced ‘Chamomili’ (Χαμομήλι) in Greek, it grows wild throughout many parts of the country and is also cultivated and grown in people’s gardens.
This warm and soothing tea has long been used in Greece for a wide range of health conditions and nowadays, scientists worldwide are increasingly researching its effectiveness with illnesses, including cancer and diabetes.
Sip the many great benefits of Greek chamomile tea
Recent studies also found that applying chamomile extract directly to a wound may assist with healing. Chamomile is also said to help relieve eczema flare-ups and mild inflammatory skin conditions.
Long before expensive skin creams and lotions, Greek women would wash their faces with cool chamomile tea, as it cleanses the skin and helps it stay moisturised.
Greek mothers and grandmothers also turn to chamomille to help babies and kids with tummy aches, conjunctivitis as well as nappy rash, as it is known to help with all of these mild conditions.
Most Greek households have stashes of chamomile in their cupboards and over the cooler months, it is the perfect drink to consume just before bedtime, as it helps relax the mind and body, allowing you to get a good night sleep and if you prefer a sweeter flavour, just add a few drops of organic honey, which also has major benefits!

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