POWELL TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WLUC) – Instead of hitting the books after lunch today, Powell Township students got the chance to go out on the trails.
Kids of all ages went skiing on the trail near the small school in Big Bay. The Powell Township School Superintendent, Michelle Gill says this experience is more than just a normal outing.
“Powell Township school students are kicking off the Honey Bear Classic today, the classic race actually starts tomorrow through February 13th but we’re lucky enough to get it started today,” she says.
The Honey Bear Classic has been around for 33 years and is a 9-day fundraising event. This is the school’s third year kicking off the event. Gill says an opportunity like this shows a way to have fun during the winter months.
“By getting kids out, in our physical education classes we have them ski, ice skate, snowshoes, we’re giving them tools to be able to exercise all winter long,” Gill says.
The nearby big bay trails provide a challenge for students but is welcoming to beginners. Slips and falls are bound to happen but it is a fun time on skis the school owns. Co-director of the honey bear classic Marcia Gonstead says the kids adapted well to the trails.
“The students are amazingly adaptable they get out there, they fall, they get back up, they get wet, they giggle, they get snow in their boots and their gloves, and they just keep going.”
Gonstead says schools and students could benefit from similar outings with nearby trails. Students are looking forward to next year and setting more personal records.
The Honey Bear Classic event will last from February 5th to February 13th.
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