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Guava is an incredibly delicious and nutritious tropical fruit. Low in calories and loaded with fibre, it is an excellent addition to a healthy diet. The fruit can be taken in several ways- have it raw, turn it into a tangy chutney, make sweet jam or cook it, it will all taste delicious. Not only the fruit, but guava leaves are also extremely beneficial for health. Studies suggest that adding guava leaf extracts to the diet may boost your heart health, digestion, and immune system. But there are some compounds in this fruit, which is not considered good for all, especially those suffering from specific health conditions.
Guavas are extremely rich in antioxidants, vitamin C and potassium. 1 serving of guava contains just 112 calories and over 23 grams of carbohydrate. The fiber content is almost 9 grams and there is no starch in guava. The fat content in 1 cup of chopped guava is 1.6 grams, but the amount of protein in it is extremely high, about 4 grams.

Studies suggest this fruit is also beneficial for people suffering from diabetes as it has a low glycemic index. Besides, folate and beta carotene are some other nutrients found in this fruit in abundance. Here are some people who should be careful while consuming guava.
Guava is rich in vitamin C and fructose. A high dose of any of the two can make you feel bloated. Being a water-soluble vitamin our body finds it hard to absorb too much vitamin C, so overloading often triggers bloating. The same goes for fructose. About 40 per cent of people suffer from a condition called fructose malabsorption. In this, the natural sugar is not absorbed by the body, rather it sits in our stomach leading to bloating. Even eating guava and falling asleep immediately may cause bloating.

Guava is rich in fiber, which can help to ease constipation and promote digestion. But excess intake of guava can mess up your digestive system, especially if you are suffering from Irritated Bowel Syndrome. This is also caused due to fructose malabsorption. So, it is important to eat in a limited way.

Guava is one of the preferred fruits for people suffering from diabetes due to low glycemic index. However, if you are including this fruit in your diet make sure that you track your blood sugar level regularly. 100 grams of chopped guava contains 9 grams of natural sugar. So, eating too much may spike the blood sugar level. Eating in moderation is the best choice.

One serving of guava in a day is safe for consumption. Taking more than that might not be a good idea. You can have the fruit between two meals, or before or after a workout to refuel your body. Avoid having fruit at night as it may lead to cold and cough.

There is limited evidence available on the usage and benefits of guava leaves extracts. More research is needed to come to any conclusion. Talk to your doctor before including it in your diet.

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