Whether you are a vegan or simply allergic to dairy, reasons for switching to non-dairy milk products vary for everyone. The best part is that there is no dearth of options if you are looking to quit dairy. Oat milk is one such substitute. It is known to keep your bones healthy and can regulate your cholesterol levels. Here are some more benefits.
Oat milk is fortified with vitamin D and calcium. A calcium-rich diet is extremely essential to keep your bones healthy. Vitamin D is also crucial to ease the absorption of calcium-rich foods. Oat milk is also rich in vitamin B12, a nutrient whose deficiency can lead to fatigue, heart palpitations, headaches, depression, etc. However, homemade oat milk doesn’t contain vitamin B12 or vitamin D.
Oat milk is rich in soluble fiber that can efficiently benefit your heart. These fibers in oat milk such as beta glucan form a gel-like substance in the gut that can lower down cholesterol absorption. An experiment-based study asserted that having three cups of oat milk daily for five weeks can decrease bad cholesterol levels by three percent.
Oat milk is rich in riboflavin and vitamin B12, and due to this, it can also help you fix your beauty issues from within. B vitamins are known to improve the quality of our skin and strengthen nails and hair. The hair gummies you take contain vitamin B12. They fight harmful free radicals to improve skin quality and also repair the cells.
Oat milk lacks certain nutrients, such as protein, that are essential for a child’s growth. So try to avoid giving oat milk to kids on a regular basis. Consult your pediatrician to know more. People with a gluten allergy should check the label and only buy oat milk that says “certified gluten-free.” Oat milk is generally expensive, so keep that in mind as well.
Add one cup of rolled oats with about three cups of water and blend well. Pour the mixture over the cheesecloth to segregate the milk. And your milk is ready! You can store oat milk in the refrigerator for around seven to ten days. A pinch of salt, cinnamon extract, or honey can greatly enhance the taste.
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