NEW YORK – MARCH 12: M&M’s candies in new, redesigned packaging are seen March 12, 2004 in New York City. Masterfoods USA, a unit of Mars Inc., is re-introducing the nation’s number-one selling candy with a major advertising campaign, a bolder logo on packaging, and brighter-colored candy shells to induce sales in the flat U.S.chocolate industry. (Photo by Stephen Chernin/Getty Images)
We just celebrated Valentine’s Day but Easter candy is already hitting the store shelves.  Just in time for the holiday, M&M’s is debuting their newest flavor. Introducing milk chocolate Honey Graham M&M’s which are in stores now, ready for you to add them to your Easter baskets. If you missed out on the recent Valentine’s Day Black Forest M&M’s, you’ll want to try to get these!
The popular Mars-owned candy company has been keeping customers on their toes, by releasing fun, creative flavors for the holidays. From Halloween candy corn and Cookies & Scream flavored M&M’s to Winter Hot Chocolate and White Chocolate Pretzel Snowballs, there is always a limited edition flavor to keep fans coming back for more.
The new Honey Graham M&M’s have a crisp rice center surrounded by a graham flavored chocolate and are covered in the signature colored candy shell. These candies come in shades of yellow and dark brown. Are you picking up on a bee/honeycomb theme yet?
Honey Graham M&Ms are only sold in eight ounce bags (this is fairly large) and can be found on the M&M website or at local retailers including Walmart and Target. They are retailing for $3.99 a bag. Although they have not been advertised as a limited-edition item, most special holiday flavors are only around for a short time.  So make sure you pick them up soon, if you get the chance.
If you want to do something with these M&M’s besides eat them straight from the bag, I’m sure they would be a delicious addition added to cupcakes or brownies.  If you need some inspiration, the M&M’s site has a bunch of recipes. While they do not have a recipe that specifically uses the honey graham flavored M&M’s, I’m sure they’ll be adding one soon.
Neither the bag design, the M&M colors or the flavor are giving me Easter vibes. Maybe Easter=Spring=flowers=bees=honey? Nonetheless, if I can find a bag, I will be trying them!
Will you be trying these new M&M Honey Grahams? What is your favorite M&M flavor? 
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