in Grocery 1st February 2022
Nestlé has added a honey-flavoured version to its range of Shreddies cereals.
Honey-flavoured cereals have proved popular with consumers in recent years, showing an increase in value of sales of 14.5% since 2019, according to analyst IRI.
The new Shreddies cereal, called The Honey One, will be available to selected convenience stores progressively through this year and meets government non-HFSS (non-high in fat, sugar or salt) criteria.
The latest product launch follows Nestlé’s announcement that it has removed an estimated 59 million teaspoons of sugar and three million teaspoons of salt from its products since 2003.
Toby Baker, regional marketing director for Nestlé, said: “At Nestlé Cereals we’ve been committed to improving the nutritional profile of our cereals and making breakfast better for over 18 years.
“The launch of Shreddies The Honey One, which is categorised as non-HFSS and contains wholegrain as the number one ingredient, further demonstrates our commitment to doing just that.”
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