The winter months are the absolute worst for the skin. During these chilly, windy days, our facial skin starts to turn dry and flaky. Not just that, it also starts to look dehydrated and exhausted. Just washing your face and following an exfoliation and moisturising routine is not enough. Your skin needs something more. And Shahid Kapoor’s wife Mira Rajput has just the remedy for you.

The star wife, a couple of days back, shared a video online where she soaked in the sun and shooed away the winter shivers. In the video, we also spotted her following a winter-appropriate skincare routine. She was seen applying a clay mask with honey as a base product. What are the benefits of this mask and how does it appropriate for winters? To know all about the ingredients and their skin advantages, scroll ahead.

Clay Mask…for those who battle pimple problems are annoyed with their acne issues and looking for ways to rejuvenate their skin, applying clay mask is the answer. The product helps your remove toxins from the skin and prevents clogging of pores. It also restores the natural glow of the skin and treats irritated skin. This ingredient is ideally summer-specific but can (read must) be used with honey as a base during the winters.

Honey…this is one ingredient that is anti-inflammatory and for those with pimples, honey is what you need to add to your skincare. Plus, honey helps smoothen the skin and during the winter dryness, this is one ingredient you can actually swear by without any doubt. It calms the skin and even tones the skin. Blemishes due to flakiness are pretty common in winter. If not with a clay mask, you can simply apply honey to the irritated facial area. 

Coming to the mask that Mira Rajput recommended, to make the same, you need 2 tablespoons clay mask and one tablespoon of honey. Mix the two ingredients and apply them until dry. Later on, rinse off using lukewarm water. Add this to your Sunday skincare routine this week and tell us about the results @TimesNow Twitter. 
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Mira shared this post with a long caption, a part of which read: “With winter setting in and the dryness it brings, I wanted to hydrate my parched skin. Now we tend to pick heavier moisturisers, serums or switch to face oils in the winter but with prolonged usage of a mask, the skin can get congested (at least mine does).”

Pro tip: We recommend you conduct a patch test before applying this mask directly to your face. Apply a minute amount on the palm of your hand and observe for any allergic reaction. If you get a green single, use this mask twice a week. ​​​​


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