(WABI) – They say it’s a long way to the top if you wanna rock and roll.
For John Notto, the guitarist for rock band Dirty Honey, that road began in Aroostook County.
There’s a Maine-made rock star lighting up the music world.
Notto grew up playing guitar in Aroostook County. Now, he’s the guitarist for Dirty Honey, about to embark on the “Young Guns Tour” with Mammoth WVH.
“I think in spirit, we’re just a rock and roll band,” said Notto. “I think it’s a new twist on it. I think it’s an honest energy, not like a throwback or tribute shtick, kind of thing. It’s big hooks, big riffs, party-time atmosphere.”
From his early days in the County to studying music at the University of Southern Maine, Notto dreamed big.
“I think I imagined it all the time. I think I had a healthy amount of delusion my whole life. I think I was just crazy enough to go for it. It means a lot to show the people from Maine that I wasn’t crazy,” said Notto.
Now some 3,300 miles away in Los Angeles, Notto is living his dream. He’s met his idols up close, opening for Guns N’ Roses, The Black Crowes and The Who. The upcoming “Young Guns Tour” represents a big step for the band.
“Pretty excited about everything that this tour represents in terms of level, and reach. It’s kind of surreal, and this is our first entrance into theaters too, as headliners, which is another sort of milestone,” said Notto.
Dirty Honey has recorded two albums and reached number one on the Billboard Rock Charts. But it all started in rural Maine for Notto – something he still longs for.
“It was a real freeing place to grow up. I think there is a beauty in growing up with an excess of nature and land, and I lucked out. I had great friends, we all loved music together, and I had a supportive mom and dad in support of my guitar pursuits,” said Notto.
Notto says the pursuit now is finding the magic.
“You just you hear it and you get excited. And then, you stop thinking so much about what you’re going to do – it’s just, the music happens. But, I think what that’s where we were with “California Dreamin’” the most, I think. That song came together like two weeks before the session. We felt this energy when we finished that song,” said Notto.
Dirty Honey’s “Young Guns Tour” with Mammoth WVH begins on Feb. 20.
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