After food poisoning include these items in your diet
Food poisoning or acute stomach inflammation has affected most people at some point of time in their  lives. It occurs when you unknowingly end up consuming contaminated food or water. After being down with a bout of food poisoning or stomach inflammation, you really can’t get back to your regular diet. You need to give yourself some time to get back to your its routine. Lifestyle coach Luke Coutinho has some effective tips to help you allow your stomach to settle and heal after you have been down with food poisoning or acute stomach inflammation.
1) Raw Honey
Have a teaspoon of raw honey. Make sure that it is raw and not processed. Honey has medicinal properties and helps prevent various infections.
It is important that you take at least 10 minutes of a walk after meals. It will help you digest food properly and at a faster rate; And more tips to help people suffering from Type-2 diabetes.
Luke said that one needs to stop labelling stress and anxiety as “negative” when it comes to controlling tension and dispersing anxiety.
2) Cumin/Jeera
Boil a teaspoon of cumin seeds in water and consume it twice a day. Some of the easily available ingredients in our kitchen such as jeera are packed with health benefits.
3) Raw Garlic
You must have 1 to 2 pods of raw garlic. It is a popular belief that raw garlic improves digestive problems.
4) Tulsi (Basil) Leaves
Majority of Indian households are aware of the medicinal properties of tulsi. According to Luke, you must take tulsi or basil leaves, wash them well and chew them directly. You can also boil tulsi leaves into an infusion and consume that.
5) Lemon Water
After stomach infection or acute inflammation, have lemon water. You can mix some raw honey into it.
6) Apple Cider Vinegar With Mother
Luke suggested that you must have apple cider vinegar with mother with water. Dilute 1 tablespoon of it in a glass of water and drink it.
7) Mixture
Take grated fresh ginger, 1-inch piece, and boil it in water. You can mix lemon juice and some raw honey to it. If you want, add mashed garlic as well. Have it at least one to two times a day.
Finally, Luke stated that you must avoid spicy food and consume all that’s light as much as you can. Further, he suggested that you must see a doctor if you feel the infection has prolonged. You really don’t want the infection to create more damage to your body.
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Luke Coutinho added that if his tips worked, a person can follow them. But if it doesn’t work for some people, they must not follow the tips.
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