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Her dressing hack is next-level.
The secret behind Lizzo’s “Juice”? A seriously delicious salad recipe. The singer, 33, just dropped her “VBLT” salad recipe on TikTok and shared some of her best cooking hacks along the way.
“Another day another salad 😎,” Lizzo captioned the clip, which shows her walking through the process of whipping up the dish. And, with almost 600,000 likes, it’s pretty clear that her followers couldn’t get enough.
“Love your cooking videos!!” one user commented. Someone else added, “that looks so good 🥰.” Another fan wrote, “Will you make me one????😍😍” (um, same!). The recipe is super simple and filled with fresh veggies:

another day another salad 😎 #saladtok
So, what exactly goes in it? Lizzo starts with a base of mixed greens. Then, she dices up some vegan bacon and fries it in a pan with some garlic powder and part of an onion she chops in her food processor, keeping the rest raw. “I know this sounds crazy,” she says as she throws the onions in—but I’m on board!
Then, Lizzo throws some baby carrots in the food processor and shreds them. She chops some grape tomatoes in half and lines all of the ingredients up on her counter for easy assembly.

The greens go in her bowl first, followed by a hefty drizzle of Follow Your Heart Vegan Honey Mustard Salad Dressing. The bacon bits, tomatoes, and carrots are next. Then, Lizzo adds homemade pickles (fancy!), salt and pepper, and some shredded vegan parmesan cheese.

Last is her “secret ingredient:” a dollop of Best Foods Vegan Dressing and Spread (a.k.a. vegan mayo).
Lizzo’s vegan journey began sometime around April 2020. She shared in an older TikTok that she was previously vegetarian for seven years before she decided to go back to eating animal products. Since then, she’s fully embraced a vegan diet.
She’s been uploading her favorite recipes and vegan foods for years now. In December, she posted a clip of her go-to breakfast sandwich:
No more skin flute lollipops for me after that mouth burn 😰
While a video of the “Rumors” songstress spreading persimmons on toast got almost three million views.
She’s even tried some viral TikTok food trends, like eating watermelon with mustard (brave!). Basically, Lizzo has become a vegan food influencer in her own right—and I personally love that for her. Killing it!


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