I would like to enthusiastically congratulate the landowners of Crawford County for their investment in the Honey Creek Wind project!

Landowners and farmers who have leased their land to the Honey Creek Wind project are entitled to do with their land what they wish. They are not required to speak publicly. They are not required to put signs on their lawns. They are not required to campaign for this wind project. It is their land, and they decide to use their land as they choose. Most people invest in stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. Investing is a very private matter and investors do not wear matching T-shirts, nor do they create Facebook pages, put signs on their front lawns, and attend rallies to protest their neighbor’s investments.
People living out in the country need to accept that the sights, sounds, and smells of the country are ever-changing. If someone wants to control the sights, sounds, and smells around them, they can move to the suburbs and join a homeowners association where they can control when Christmas decorations can be hung up when the decorations must be taken down, and they can also control the design of the neighbors’ deck railing.

The naysayers who proclaim “NOT IN MY BACKYARD!” need to understand that my land is not their backyard. You may enjoy looking at my land, but it is not your property. A landowner may choose to build a hog barn on their land, sell their land to the local school district to build a new elementary school, or lease their land to a renewable energy project.
Why am I so passionate about my landowner rights? In 2011, I leased my land in Seneca County with an energy company to increase my income as a teacher in a small rural school district. Now, as a retiree receiving a pension from the State Teachers Retirement System, I am still very cognizant of my income. The Seneca County Commissioners have limited my income on my land.

If wind energy were so disruptive, why do we not hear from the citizens of Paulding and Hardin County? Why have I not seen Jon Monk from Toledo Channel 11 reporting on the noise, flicker, and dead birds in Paulding and Hardin County? I have only heard about the financial benefits those counties have received from their wind projects. I have watched a YouTube video where a woman in another state decries that her life has been marred by the wind project nearby, yet she does not provide proof of the shadow flicker or noise from the turbines in her video.
I do not live in Crawford County, nor do I own land in the project’s footprint, yet I am hopeful that the Crawford County Commissioners do not make the same mistake that the commissioners in “Sleepy Hollow” Seneca County made. I tire of hearing idle threats of voting commissioners out of office if they do not put a stop to these projects when actually these projects bring so many benefits to the county. In “Sleepy Hollow” Seneca County, a candidate for commissioner, who worked very hard to stop clean energy and who was supported by the people opposed to wind projects, was strongly defeated in his race for commissioner. Clearly, others in the county could see that this candidate stood in the way of progress.
Wind power is incredibly cost-effective, wind power will bring jobs and growth to the county, and wind power will benefit Crawford County landowners. I look forward to the construction of the Honey Creek Wind project.
Anne Fry


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