Thiruvananthapuram, Mar 15: The Kerala police has issued an advisory to its personnel after several cases of Pakistan sponsored honey trapping had been reported.
There is reliable information that the Pakistan intelligence agencies were indulging in espionage activities using the social media platforms. They are using women to dig out vital information, the advisory issued by the state police chief, Anil Kant said.
Kant further said that all police personnel should be alert against such moves and should not fall prey to such honeytraps.
This comes in the wake of several cases of honey trapping being reported in the defence, paramilitary and other government sectors. Kant directed all the unit chiefs to sensitise their staff to the problem. He also said that the police personnel should remain alert any ensure that the attempts made by the espionage agents are not successful. It was further advised that if anyone notices any such attempt they should immediately report it to the police headquarters immediately.


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