If you've ever wondered what a supermodel carries in their purse, you can stop now. Kendall Jenner just revealed the contents of her Bottega Veneta shoulder bag for British Vogue's "In the Bag" segment, and we're lowkey shocked by several of her everyday essentials. Who knew Kendall had such a taste for nostalgic snacks?
Some items were predictable — lip balm, a face mask, perfume (KKW, obvi) — but others were a bit more surprising: a digital camera, a crystal heart, and even a Trader Joe's treat we didn't know existed: peanut butter and jelly sticks. Can you imagine if you bumped into Jenner browsing the snack aisle at TJ's? Nonetheless, one thing stood out as the most relatable during these, ahem, trying times: cough drops.
Although you'd never catch her spraying snot, coughing up phlegm, or looking as downright terrible as we do when we're sick, even Kendall Jenner needs a cold remedy in the winter. The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star pulled a package of Wedderspoon Manuka Honey Drops out of her purse and said that she eats them even when she doesn't have a sore throat. "I am kind of addicted to these," she admitted, noting that the ginger flavor is her favorite and gives her "a little kickstart," before popping one into her mouth.
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Although she keeps them easily accessible in her $6,250 designer bag, you don't need a supermodel's paycheck for the drops themselves, which cost just $9. The Wedderspoon Manuka Honey Drops are super-soothing and made with echinacea, which boosts immune health — aka, ideal for cold, flu, allergy, and COVID symptoms. Plus, unlike many drugstore cough drops (and Jenner's other purse snack), these are free of gluten, dairy, nut, soy, and artificial sweeteners. 
But don't just take Kendall's word for it. Over 2,000 Amazon shoppers give the drops a five-star rating and rave about their taste and effectiveness. "I think these have helped stop a few colds in their tracks, in addition to giving immediate relief," one shopper said. "The warming quality of ginger and the immune boost of echinacea makes this my go-to when I feel a sore throat or cold coming on!" 
Another wrote, "This helped me be able to go to work without coughing every minute. The turmeric made me feel [a] little bit of heat while the honey soothed [my] throat. Loved this [and] will have some in my medicine cabinet at all times."
So, Jenner is far from alone in her love of these soothing drops — and we hate to break it to you, but you're probably going to need them at some point this winter. If you're not a fan of the ginger flavor, Wedderspoon also offers honey and echinacea, fennel and cinnamon, eucalyptus and bee propolis, and lemon and bee propolis options, too. Shop more flavors of the Wedderspoon Manuka Honey Drops below, à la Kendall Jenner.
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