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Well, that’s us eating honey a lot more often then.
As far as tips and tricks go, we consider ourselves quite up-to-date. Whether it’s how to shell a pistachio like no one’s business, how to properly butter bread or how to make a box cake mix taste homemade, we’re pretty educated in the department of food hacks. Which is why we were stunned upon finding this mind-blowing hack for measuring honey.
Posted just five days ago by @healingwithholly22, it turns out that there’s an insanely-easy way to measure honey, without the sticky mess that usually follows.
As eager as we were to discover the trick? Well, it’s as simple as using the back of your spoon to create a well in the mixture, and pouring in your honey. Told you… mind-blowing.
Check out @healingwithholly22’s video below for a visual.
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Gathering over 2.4 million views, along with 150,000 likes and tons of comments in a matter of days, it’s fair to say we weren’t the only ones completely mesmerised by this super-simple, yet genius trick.
One person said, “I’ve learnt more from TikTok than I did at school,” while another person commented, “I was today yrs old when I found this out.”
Since you’re here, did you know that Domino’s pizza boxes were actually… dominos? As in, if you put two of Domino’s pizza boxes side-by-side, they replicate the shape and design of an actual domino! Yep, how are we only just finding out about this now?
You can thank this duo who shared their wild discovery with a video on TikTok, which has now amassed a whopping 1.2 million views and counting.
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