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We love entrepreneurs and small business owners at Honeycombers, which is why we’ve created Launchpad, a comprehensive digital networking platform (with IRL benefits, too) that encourages connection, business support and community. It is a privilege and pleasure to learn from so many talented and inspiring folks, so we’ve decided to share the love by interviewing some of the lovely Launchpad members. Looking for inspiration? Check out how Tracy Tsang, a Transformational Confidence Coach, gets it done like a boss.
I came from a background in creative emerging technologies and pivoted my career after discovering my passion for personal and spiritual growth. My mission is to empower others to realise their true potential, facilitate deep healing, and guide others on their journey of transcendence. I’ve had to overcome low self-confidence and self-esteem issues myself in the past. So I really understand the frustration of being held back by self-doubt and negative thought patterns because some part of me felt it was safer to play small and hide myself.
I am an emotional and energy healer working to empower high-level female entrepreneurs to overcome self-esteem challenges and energy blocks. I use proven methodologies from Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) and Quantum Coaching to help them reclaim their self confidence, voice, and happiness.
Empowering women to create phenomenal personal transformations in their own lives by overcoming their self-sabotaging patterns, feelings of unworthiness or not being good enough, and imposter syndrome through my therapy work.
The Launchpad community is great for supporting local social impact and wellness entrepreneurs, sharing and learning from others’ knowledge and experience, keeping each other accountable, and also empowering entrepreneurs to take better care of their own wellbeing.
My typical morning routine involves:
On dealing with self-doubt and criticism: As a Transformational Confidence Coach, self-doubt is my area of expertise and I have done a lot of self-healing when training in Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT), a highly effective form of therapy that combines CBT, NLP, hypnotherapy, counselling and psychotherapy. RTT has improved my self confidence and self esteem by healing inner childhood traumas and limiting beliefs that contribute to self doubt and low self confidence at their subconscious root. I also learnt over the years the importance of being true to my authentic self in all that I say and do, so when it comes to criticisms I am highly discerning: is this constructive feedback that helps me improve? If not, it is destructive and I then treat it as just the opinion of somebody who doesn’t share my perspective.
On staying motivated and energised: I remind myself over and over again why I do what I do, and I also choose to do only what I feel genuinely excited about. This helps me stay motivated even when things don’t go according to plan. Eating healthy, not overworking, setting time aside to exercise and do non-work related activities like cooking also keeps me energised.
On the advice you’d give your younger self: Being my authentic self is more than enough and it is important to do what feels aligned with my authentic self. It matters much more than trying to fit into any roles and expectations others (or even I) might have for me.
Learn more about Tracy Tsang.
Launchpad is a comprehensive digital networking platform (with IRL benefits, too) that encourages connection, business support and community. It is designed to make the entrepreneurial journey not only easier, and more successful, but also a whole lot more fun. The platform offers almost daily activities for members to connect, along with regular masterclasses, member networking roulette, small-business mentoring and media profiles on Honeycombers.
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