You are well aware of the way inflation is taking a bite out of your wallet.
So is shrinkflation, its ugly red-headed step-sister.
Manufacturers, who are between a rock and a hard place with supply chain issues, trucker shortages, weather fiascoes, and an increase in what they are paying for raw materials as wages rise, are just putting less stuff in the package but not lowering the price. You’ve seen it on your store shelves.
“You see it in paper goods, in paper towels and toilet paper. You see it in bags of potato chips. Over the years we’ve seen ice cream cartons shrink,” says Edgar Dworsky, a consumer lawyer and advocate who is the editor and publisher of Consumer World. It’s shrinkflation.
What’s shrinking is your buying power.
And for the record, red hair is gorgeous and step-sisters are a gift.
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