SINGAPORE – A honey seller is being investigated by the Singapore Food Agency (SFA) for claiming its products can cure Covid-19.
Natural Wild Honey, which sells honey from Indonesia, has been claiming that taking 12 bottles of its product can turn a person from Covid-19 positive to negative in just 18 days.
The company had also issued a money-back guarantee, offering to refund the full price of $800 for the 12 bottles should one not be cured of the virus.
Responding to queries from The Straits Times, the SFA said it was aware of the claims and is investigating Natural Wild Honey.
An SFA spokesman added that under the Singapore Food Regulations, businesses should not be making any claims or suggestions that food can prevent, alleviate or cure any disease or condition affecting the human body.
The only foods that are exempted from this regulation are permitted plant sterols and stanols, and barley and oats glucan.
“We strongly advise members of the public to consult a doctor for management of Covid-19 and to refer to credible sources of information instead,” said the SFA.
“SFA will not hesitate to take enforcement action against errant retailers if we have obtained sufficient evidence.”
The claims made by Natural Wild Honey were discussed online after a photo of the company’s claims were uploaded to the Reddit forum on Dec 11.
The photo showed a notice by the company with instructions to take 40g of honey every hour, 10 times a day.
Speaking to ST, Natural Wild Honey’s director, Mr Richard Teo, 70, said he stood by his claims.
The Singaporean initially claimed he had tested his honey on “at least 50 people”, but later changed this to “almost 40 people” in Indonesia two years ago.
“I’m 70 and not vaccinated, the Singapore Government just wants everyone to be vaccinated,” he said.
“I’m not into politics, I just want to help people. It is unfair that the SFA says I cannot say this. They should take my honey and test it on Covid-19 patients first.”
Mr Teo, who started the company in 2016, also said he was doubling down on his claims and would not be removing them, insisting that he will meet personnel from the SFA to argue his case first.
The SFA advises members of the public who come across any potentially misleading claims on food products to report it via its online feedback form at this website.
The latest information on Covid-19 can be found here.
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