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Published December 8, 2021, 4:31 PM
by Cheshire Que
Battling to survive the pandemic the past couple of years has led us to become more health conscious. Being in prolonged lockdown has driven a lot of people to establish healthy habits in order to prevent themselves from getting sick.
What hasn’t changed is the tradition of gift giving during the holiday season. As restrictions have eased down, malls are once again swarming with shoppers on a hunt for the best presents to give to the people on their list.
As you write down your Christmas list, consider giving something that will contribute to your loved one’s wellbeing and overall health.
As you write down your Christmas list, consider giving something that will contribute to your loved one’s wellbeing and overall health. Here are some health-friendly items that will surely make them merrier and healthier this holiday season and beyond.
Move over a good old boring fruit basket and hampers filled with processed food! Make way for a basket full of fresh vegetables and some brightly colored fruits for accent. Just make sure that someone is available to receive your perishable present. You can also include a salad recipe or two to go with the fresh produce.
During pandemic, we need an extra boost of immunity from food that has health benefits beyond basic nutrition. The following functional food items can be used as ingredients for recipes and they provide vitamins, minerals, anti-inflammatory phytochemicals, and some have fiber that promote a healthy digestive system and healthy fats: Honey, chia seeds, virgin coconut oil, soy powder, dark chocolate, tea, and oats. You can also give modified functional food items that come in powdered, liquid, or capsule form such as wheatgrass, American ginseng, cactus, grapeseed, ampalaya, moringa, and mangosteen.
Scared to go out and shop? Stay home and order food kits online from food delivery services. Some online shops like offer prepared, pre-cut, measured fresh ingredients that come with cookers for Samgyup Kit, Shabu Kit, Pho Kit, Okonomiyakit, Sukiyakit, and more. You can also choose to order affordable set meals from local restaurants as a present for a small family of three or more. It is best to coordinate with the recipient on their preferred time and date of delivery. This present may kill the element of surprise but will still give so much delight!
If you are in the mood to splurge, this state-of-the-art rice cooker will go a long way in helping family and friends keep their blood sugar at bay. The starch reducing rice cooker works by reducing the starch or amylopectin and sugar content of rice for up to 35 percent. It helps form resistant starch, which resists digestion and ferments in the colon. The fermented fibers then serve as food for the gut microbiome or the good and beneficial bacteria in the intestines.
With work from home being the trend and sitting now considered as the new smoking, having a standing desk or height adjustable work station will make you and your loved ones healthier. Standing desks will allow you to burn more body fat and calories while working or studying. It will also allow you to walk in place instead of just being idle, which will help improve blood circulation. This awesome piece of furniture is available online and shops like Ikea.
Never underestimate the power of getting a good night’s sleep. Bless your loved ones with the gift of restorative sleep with weighted blankets that give just the right amount of pressure to stimulate the release of mood stabilizing, happy hormone serotonin. This hormone also aids in the production of sleep hormones. Memory foam pillows come in different shapes and sizes. Others are a bit pricier because they don’t just relieve pressure by molding to your exact body contour while sleeping but also have temperature sensitive fabric and material to ensure comfort in dreamland.
Gift-giving need not be expensive. After all, it’s the thought that counts. A heartfelt prayer, a meaningful handwritten card, or a video greeting would surely make someone feel loved and special. Have a merry and healthy Christmas season!
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