Apples, oranges and bananas may traditionally fill shopping carts – but have you added pears to your grocery list lately?
Pears are in peak season and bring a sweet flavor along with plentiful health benefits to you and your family. Packed with fiber, pears not only help you stay full longer but can help with blood sugar control and digestive regularity.
Try out these tips: 
Check the Neck: To purchase the perfect pear every time, make sure to Check the Neck of the pear. Simply press gently on the top where the stem joins the fruit and if it starts to give, it’s ripe.
Explore new varieties: 
Savor the flavor: Once you are ready to enjoy, just rinse pears in cold water. To prevent browning after slicing you can brush a mixture of half water and half lemon juice, if desired. 
Now that you have picked the perfect pear, it’s time to try it at home. Whip up this delicious appetizer to impress your guests or enjoy at your next date night at home.
Serves 8 to 10
All you need: 
All you do:
Recipe source: USA Pears (
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