23 year-old Nyibe Nguyen appeared in Missoula Justice Court on Wednesday, charged with felony sexual intercourse without consent after an incident that allegedly occurred on February 20 in Frenchtown.
Deputy Missoula County Attorney Brandon Zeak asked Judge Alex Beal for $100,000 bail due to the serious nature of the felony sexual assault charge and the age of the alleged victim.
“The allegations set forth in the charging documents are extremely concerning to the state,” said Zeak. “The state believes that the defendant is a danger to the community considering the allegations set forth that the defendant perpetrated an assault against a 14 year old family member despite multiple attempts by the victim both before and during the assault to keep the defendant from sexually assaulting her.”
Zeak went on to say that the defendant attempted to coerce the alleged victim into not reporting the assault.
“The defendant then attempted to coerce the victim into hiding what he had done by telling her to delete messages that he had sent to her in which he apologized for what he had done, and telling her not to report that to law enforcement,” he said. “Because of the defendant’s actions, the state's position is that the defendant frankly invaded the victim’s bodily autonomy, after which he psychologically pressured her to cover up those crimes.”
Zeak asked Judge Beal impose a high bail for the defendant.
“Your Honor, the state believes that bail is absolutely necessary to address the concerns and due to the facts set forth in this case, bail is appropriate in the amount of $100,000,” he said.
Judge Beal set bail at $100,000 and told the defendant that if he was able to post bond, he would only be released into pretrial supervision, require alcohol monitoring and to be fitted with a GPS monitor to ensure that he stay at least 1,500 feet from the alleged victim or any of the potential witnesses in the case.
His next court appearance will be on March 7 in Missoula District Court.
The information in this story was obtained from sources that are publicly viewable.



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