Honey is the gift that keeps on giving.
Slather it on toast, pop it in porridge, make sticky chicken wings with it or throw it into a dessert – it’s easy to fall in love with the sweet substance again and again.
But measuring it out can be challenging to say the least – as it’s tough to know how much you’ve put in, when most of it is still stuck to the spoon.
It’s easy to get yourself into a sticky mess.
This is where the wonderful world of TikTok hacks comes into play – as someone on the platform has shared an easy way to avoid this happening.
Last week, TikToker @healingwithholly22 shared a revolutionary hack with the world.
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Her technique involves using a measuring spoon to make an indentation in the food you’re adding honey to, like flour in Holly’s case.
Then simply squeeze or drizzle your honey into this little indent for a precise measurement.
Holly can be seen demonstrating the trick in her video, which has since received more than 2.4 million views and has been liked 150,000 times.
She then shows off the bone dry spoon, too.
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Of course this trick might not work every time, unless you’re using a dry-ish mixture, which can be carved or indented. 
But it’s well-worth knowing, and other people on the platform have been blown away with its simplicity.
Elsewhere in the world hacks, a woman has shared how to clean stained water bottles without any scrubbing – and her method involves an unusual kitchen cupboard ingredient.
Plus, the best way to open a stubborn jar has been revealed – and it doesn’t involve banging or boiling water.
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