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‘ Suki Panesar (played by Balvinder Sopal) finally addressed her feelings for Honey Mitchell (Emma Barton) during Tuesday’s episode of the  staple. But as her friend tried to get her to open up about her sexuality, Suki stormed off and found Peter Beale (Dayle Hudson). The pair ended up going home together, but it seems the consequences may come back to haunt them. The unlikely couple does share a history – they slept together last year despite Peter being interested in Suki’s daughter, Ash Panesar (Gurlaine Kaur Garcha). In a state of denial, it seems Suki will do anything to prove to herself she isn’t gay – but could she fall pregnant?
Fans discovered Suki had feelings for her friend and former employee Honey after she tried to kiss her a few months ago.
Since then, she has treated Honey coldly and caused her to quit her job at the Minute Mart.
Viewers finally saw the pair talking about what happened in Thursday’s instalment while Honey comforted Suki in hospital as she visited an injured Ash.
During an uncharacteristically candid conversation, Suki told Honey she regretted speaking to her daughter the way she had before she was attacked.
Honey replied: “Well, we all say things, don’t we? In the heat of the moment.”
READ MORE: Stay Close viewers ‘switch off’ after huge ‘blunder’ in Netflix dramaSuki Panesar and Kat SaterPeter BealeAfter she made amends with Ash, Suki told Honey: “I thought I was losing my little girl.”
She added: “We don’t really talk, not anymore – I just can’t get her.”
Honey encouraged Suki to open up to Ash.
She added: “With Ash’s lifestyle, I was just wondering if you’d ever had feelings for anyone else.”
“I have a husband,” Suki snapped.Ash and PeterSuki PanesarShe eventually admitted: “Yes, I did have feelings – for you.”
She continued: “I never had it before – kindness, care, love.
“When Jagvir (Amar Adatia) died, you were there, no matter how many times I told you to go.
“You finally made me understand what love meant. I just wanted to be near you.
“I’d never felt like it before – I liked you.”
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Honey replied: “It’s okay if you have feelings for women.”
“You’re not listening to me,” Suki sighed as she left the hospital.
Later, she tracked down Peter, who was drowning his sorrows at the club alone.
She explained she was there for him before she began to flirt and the pair left together.
Nobody found out about Suki and Peter’s brief fling last year, and Ash would undoubtedly feel betrayed by both her mother and former boyfriend if she ever did.
Since so much time has passed since it happened, it seemed as though their night together would remain a secret.
However, with the relationship revisited, it probably won’t be long before the secret comes out.
The Panesar family, still coming to terms with Jags’ death, would be left more torn apart than ever if they found out the truth.
To make things worse, Suki might end up pregnant and will be forced to confront the affair.
Although Suki’s husband is in prison, the family believe the couple is still together.
Ash, Kheerat (Jaz Deol) and Vinny (Shiv Jalota) will be devastated to learn their mother has cheated on their dad.
If they discover she is pregnant with Peter though, there will be no going back to the family’s former relationship.
Will Suki keep the father a secret if she is pregnant?
EastEnders continues on Friday at 8pm on BBC One.
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