February 3, 2022
2:01 PM
The Winter Sour. Photo by Theresa Stanley
Low- to no-ABV (alcohol by volume) cocktails hit their stride in 2021 in support of health benefits and mental clarity. For anyone coming out of Dryuary (Dry January), a low ABV drink may be a preferred libation to help the transition. Bitters, botanicals and citrus can all provide full flavors as leading cocktail ingredients, without the harsh side effects. The Winter Sour is herbal, crisp and frothy, both in taste and texture – a lovely, refreshing sip in a fancy glass.
Is it a pink drink? Yes. It is February, so ‘tis the season for pretty, pink things. Cheers!
• 16-ish rosemary leaves (pluck from a sprig)
• 1 ½ ounces honey syrup (recipe below)
• 1 ½ ounces lemon juice, freshly squeezed Meyer lemons (if available)
• 1 ounce Campari
• 1 ounce egg white
• Rosemary sprig, garnish
To a shaker, add rosemary leaves and honey syrup. Muddle. Add lemon juice, Campari and egg white. Dry shake (without ice) for 20 seconds. Add ice and shake vigorously until the shaker is chilled. Strain into a champagne coupe. Garnish with rosemary.
• ¾ cup water
• ¾ cup local honey
To a small saucepan, add ingredients. Bring to a low simmer over medium heat, stirring to combine. Remove from heat and cool. Syrup can be stored in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to one month. Honey syrup recipe will make enough for three Winter Sour cocktails but can also be used in cups of tea or added to a smoothie.
Photo by Theresa Stanley
February 3, 2022
2:01 PM
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