This recipe for honey soy chicken from Pip Payne is perfect if you want to make a takeaway-style meal on a budget.
Ordering takeaways can be an indulgent treat or a frazzled parent’s family
dinner, but when money is tight or you’re trying to be healthy, making something delicious at home can be a great alternative to help you save both your wallet and your waistline, without compromising on flavour.
Professional food blogger and best-selling author Pip Payne (The Slimming Foodie) has collaborated with ilumoni to serve up this delicious recipe using store cupboard ingredients and some key fresh items.
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(Serves 4)

For the marinade:
For baking the chicken:
For the sauce:
To garnish (optional):
Pip likes to serve this with basmati rice, and very finely chopped raw red cabbage, carrot and red peppers, mixed with coriander for a fresh and crunchy addition.
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