If you have no idea what butterfly pea flower is, then you are in for a treat! This unique flower and its intense and mesmerizing deep blue color make it а must try for all tea lovers. Its unique blue color is so captivating and the light and refreshing taste only add to its appeal. The best part? Apart from its cute name, the butterfly pea flower has magical color-changing abilities. When you steep the tea longer, it becomes a deep indigo color. If you steep it for a shorter time, it will be a translucent powder blue shade. And, if you add lemon to your butterfly pea flower tea, it will transform the beverage into a striking fuchsia shade just like magic! But, apart from that, this tea carries amazing benefits for your health and wellbeing like vivid dreams, enhanced memory, and improved brain function. This flower is also amazing as a hair and skin treatment, and its powder form can be added to many unique recipes- baked goods, smoothies, drinks, and so much more. So, if you want to know more about this trendy blue drink, just keep on reading:
Let’s learn more about this enticing blue flower
how does the pea plant look like

Clitoria ternatea is the scientific name of the butterfly pea plant. Blue tea, Asian pigeonwings, and blue pea are all names for the same plant. This blue, herbal tea has been brewed in Southeast Asia for a long time, but it has only recently made its way to the United States and Europe. The color transformation, brilliant hue, and flavor profile of blue tea are all unique and mesmerizing. What’s more, when you add acidic ingredients like lemon juice to the blue tea, it turns brilliant red or fuchsia in color. These color-changing abilities have to do with changes in the pH level. These fun properties make the butterfly pea flower an excellent addition to your kitchen shelves, beauty and skincare routines, and recipes.
This blue flower is full of antioxidants 
benefits of butterfly pea flower
They come in a variety of different hues and beautiful blue shades
different shades of clitoria ternatea
The dried butterfly pea flower is perfect for making a cup of unique blue tea
dried butterfly pea flower close

This blue tea not only has a cool look but so many health benefits 
butterfly pea flower tea benefits
The blue butterfly pea flower tea has a gentle sweet scent and a woody flavor. When you brew it, however, the aroma turns lightly more citrusy and sour and it is comparable to that of the hibiscus tea. Moreover, the flavor is really subtle and refreshing in terms of taste with a delicate floral taste. In addition, the blue tea can be mixed with other teas and ingredients like lemon, chamomile, honey, and lemongrass. In Thailand, the blue petals are combined with cinnamon, mint, honey, and passion fruit. What’s more, these blue tea petals have been utilized in Asian traditional medicine, as well as gourmet delicacies, for many years. The best part is that you can use it to color your beverage or dish without it significantly changing the flavor!
Make your own unique tea blend using the butterfly tea flower as a base
butterfly pea flower plant tea blend
The best part about this flower is that it can change colors
butterfly tea changing colors
There are som many ways you can use the butterfly pea flower! You can brew tea and enjoy it as a hot drink or iced drink. To use this flower in various recipes, you have to purchase dried butterfly pea flowers, a powder, or even liquid extract. It is best to use the dried flowers to make herbal infusions and teas and the powder to make healthy smoothies, lattes, bread, and much more. What you may not know is that this powder is sometimes called blue matcha! All in all, blue flower tea is excellent for summer drinks, sourdough loaves of bread, blue lattes and pancakes, and much more. Below we will show you 4 recipes using the butterfly pea flower. Just remember that mixing the blue tea with other ingredients can change the pH levels, which can result in a different color.
Buying dried butterfly pea flowers is perfect for making tea
blue butterfly pea flower brands
And the powder is perfect for baking various delicious blue goods
sourdough from butterfly pea powder
There is also a liquid form, which can be used the quickest 
liquid form butterfly pea flower tea benefits
This blue flower is also amazing for coloring cosmetics like soap
butterfly pea flower sea cucumber soap
Here are our favorite blue foods and drinks using butterfly pea flowers. Try them out for their magical and unique look and taste.
With this flower, you can make your own blue milk
nart n., cooking with nart
Tasty coffee drinks with a mesmerizing look
butterfly pea flower benefits for skin
Delicious color-changing cocktails
color changing abilities pea flower
Zesty lemonades
butterfly peaflower lemonade refresher
Homemade slurpees for the summer days
pea flower tea used for drinks
Delicious baby blue cakes 
what does butterfly pea tea taste like
And unique sourdough bread
cooking with butterfly pea flower plant
This recipe is: caffeine-free, gluten-free, low calorie, vegan, vegetarian
Preparation Time: 3 minutes
Steep Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 8 minutes
Servings: 2 teas
Step-by-step Instructions
Dried butterfly pea flowers are used for making blue tea
butterfly pea tea all ingredients
This blue tea is the best way to consume the flower for its health benefits
butterfly pea tea finished look
Add some lime juice and watch the magical show unfold
butterfly pea tea with lime juice
Voila the classic blue tea in its full glory
blue pea tea from dried butterfly pea flower
Check out this YouTube video for visual instructions on how to make this blue tea:

This recipe is: vegan
Total Time: 10 minutes
Servings: 2 lattes
Step-by-step Instructions
Let’s make some delicious blue lattes
butterfly pea tea latte all ingredients
Mix all of the powder ingredients first
butterfly pea tea latte powder indredients
Add some of the powder in a glass and pour in the hot water
butterfly pea tea latte making
Now it is time for the warm oat milk
butterfly pea tea latte adding milk
The most delicious and special latte recipe
butterfly pea tea latte final
Enjoy it with some healthy biscuits on the side
butterfly pea tea aromatic latte
Check out this YouTube video for visual instructions on how to make this mermaid latte:

Total Time: 10 minutes
Servings: 2 drinks
For the lemonade
For the butterfly pea flower tea
For the matcha
Step-by-step Instructions
Gather all of your ingredients beforehand so you don’t lose any time
butterfly tea lemonade matcha dried petals
First, make the blue tea so it has some time to cool down
butterfly tea lemonade matcha brewing tea
Then move on to making the fresh homemade lemonade 
butterfly tea lemonade matcha lemonade making
Use your preferred means of making some green matcha
butterfly tea lemonade matcha preparation
Start with some ice and the blue tea
butterfly tea lemonade matcha ice
Then add the lemonade and see how the magic works
butterfly tea lemonade matcha color change
The drink will start changing colors and turning a nice purple-ish color
butterfly tea lemonade matcha adding lemonade
Finally, add the matcha on top and enjoy your delicious drink
butterfly tea lemonade matcha layers
This drink are what mermaid dreams are made from
butterfly tea lemonade matcha final
Check out this YouTube video for visual instructions on how to make this magical matcha drink:

This recipe is: gluten-free, vegan, dairy-free, soy-free, nut-free
Preparation Time: 10 minutes
Cooking Time: 30 minutes
Total Time: 40 minutes
Servings: 3 servings
For the pancakes
For the chocolate syrup
Step-by-step Instructions
For baking use butterfly pea flower powder, which is the easiest way to dye batter
butterfly pea powder blue
These blue pancakes are a show stopper with both their look and taste
blue pancakes from butterfly pea flower tea
Check out this YouTube video for visual instructions on how to make amazing blue pancakes:


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