The country is dealing with a huge spike in Covid-19 cases right now. The best way to deal with this grim situation is by educating ourselves and following all the precautionary guidelines suggested by the health officials. Wearing a face mask and maintaining social distancing is a vital step to keep ourselves and those around us safe. However, it is also important to follow a healthy diet that includes superfoods to boost immunity.
Therefore, got in touch with a practising dietician, Preeti Mehta, about a simple concoction that you can easily make at home. It will help in boosting your immunity and will fight foreign pathogens. She suggested having Vitamin C-rich supplements in our diet. According to her, one can include a simple homemade shot of Amla and Moringa leaves to increase our Vitamin C levels.
1/2 teaspoon Moringa powder or Moringa leaves
1 Amla
Half glass of water
To make the Amla Moringa shot, take 1/2 teaspoon of fresh homemade Moringa powder or Moringa leaves and one deseeded Amla. Add the ingredients inside a blender with half a glass of water. Blend the mixture and strain it. The juice you get will help you in boosting your immunity.
One should drink the Amla Moringa concoction early in the morning every day. Also, one should avoid combining the shot with their meals.
Amla or Indian gooseberry is the richest source of Vitamin C, a supplement that a lot of health professionals have been suggesting during the pandemic. It is a great immunity booster. However, Preeti Mehta suggested not to take any processed Amla product like Amla candy or powder. Her suggestion is to have the fruit fresh.
Moringa leaves, also known as the drumstick tree leaves, is a potent antioxidant, and when combined with Amla it increases iron absorption in our body. This, in turn, boosts immunity. In case a person is not able to acquire Moringa leaves, they can replace it with mint or coriander leaves.
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