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Weverse is the fave haunt of BTS boys. Today, RM aka Kim Namjoon came on social media and won over the hearts of BTS fans. He addressed fan queries on expectations thrown at the youth, and how does one overcome the negativity when hate is thrown at you. His deep answers have impressed. A BTS fan tweeted, “My mom is going crazy about how wise Namjoon is after I read some of his comments to her, she’s saying he must be a reincarnated spiritual leader,” while another person tweeted, “Joon casually saying some of the wisest things like “life isn’t about speed but direction” on Weverse BAFFLES me like. He really is just a figment of my imagination. He’s the kind of guy you only hear about in books but he’s just. Right there existing.” BTS leader RM also said that being born and living on this planet was a ‘suffering’ in itself but one must convert that into happiness by seeking music, art, whatever. Well, BTS fans have their own personal therapist in RM and boy, all we can say is Whatte Man!
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BTS leader RM is known to his comforting words to ARMY. Whenever fans are feeling low, he says something to make them feel better. He told a young man that more than speed direction is important in life. Well, BTS did not become an overnight success. RM and co believed in a path and diligently walked on it.
It is a known fact that the only BTS member without a driving license is RM aka Kim Namjoon. He has managed to achieve a lot in life except secure that license. When a fan asks him to wish him best for a driving test, it has reminded RM that he too needs it. His expression is so adorable.
BTS leader RM told a fan that we cannot do anything about the hate that is thrown at us. He said it is best to ignore and work at doing our best. This has been the philosophy of BTS since years. The Korean band were seen as underdogs in the K-Pop scene and faced discrimination when they first went abroad. RM’s words are so profound and soothing.
BTS RM aka Kim Namjoon’s IQ is in the top one percent of Korea. Well, a few fans tried to get him to say words like ‘Honey’ and ‘Wife’ through wordplay but the BTS frontman caught on and gave his own answers. Fed up, a fan-girl asked him if it was so tough for him to address her as honey just once. We can see that shy emoji that RM aka Kim Namjoon shared. The BTS frontman has said he has often professed his love for ARMY but understands that their lives run parallel. No delusions here!
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