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Commonly referred to as the “miracle tree”, moringa oleifera is a densely nutritious plant native to areas in Southeast Asia and parts of Africa where it has been consumed for thousands of years.
Now, thanks to a growing number of clinical studies, interest in moringa products continue to reach a new high every single year in the United States. The growth in interest has led to a massive influx of new moringa products available in both online marketplaces and in retail stores.
This makes finding the best quality moringa products a lot more difficult than it was just a few years ago. Thankfully, our dedicated team has research over 50+ moringa products to compile a list of the very best moringa products that offer you all the benefits associated with this miracle tree.
If you’re looking for the best moringa supplements for 2021 and beyond, we’ve got our top three rated moringa capsules, powder, and tea products. Here’s what you need to know:
Best Moringa Capsules
#1 – Simple Life Nutrition Moringa Capsules

Our top rated moringa capsules come from Simple Life Nutrition, a premium seller of moringa products. Simple Life Nutrition’s moringa capsules contain 600mg of pure, USDA-certified organic moringa powder manufactured right here in the United States.
Everything about Simple Life’s moringa capsules checks a mark on our list. The capsules contain vibrant green moringa powder, it’s dosed properly, the pricing is competitive, there’s a 30-day money back guarantee, and most customers have a positive experience with the product and the company.
There’s nothing to dislike here – these capsules are great. You simply can’t go wrong with Simple Life Nutrition’s moringa capsules.
#2 – Sunfood Organic Moringa Capsules

Sunfood is well known in the superfood space, best known for their maca root and mushroom products. However, their moringa capsules are also top notch and one of their best sellers.
Like Simple Life’s capsules, Sunfood’s moringa capsules each contain 600mg of premium moringa powder but their dosage is only 3 capsules per day, not 4. Their capsules are also certified organic and manufactured in a GMP facility in California so we can attest to their safety and quality.
Overall, Sunfood is one of the premier supplement companies and their moringa capsules are a great alternative option to Simple Life Nutrition’s. If for whatever reason you don’t like Simple Life, you’ll be in safe hands with Sunfood.
#3 – Pura Vida Moringa Capsules

Pura Vida sells one of the top moringa sellers on Amazon with over a thousand positive reviews of their moringa capsules. However, with only 500mg of moringa powder in each capsule, Pura Vida’s capsules are dosed a little less than our top two moringa capsule products.
Still 1,500+ customers can’t lie. Pura Vida sells excellent products and their 100% pure moringa leaf capsules are still a fantastic option.
Best Moringa Powders
#1 – Simple Life Nutrition Moringa Powder

Simple Life Nutrition’s moringa powder is our #1 powder because of its’ price, competitive pricing, and user experience. Simple Life sells 8oz. bags of moringa powder for around $20, or $2.50 an ounce. This is on the more experience side but we haven’t found moringa powder of a better quality.
In addition, they offer a 30-day money back guarantee on their moringa powder and have a number of recipes and guides on how to use moringa.
Simply put, Simple Life Nutrition’s moringa is fantastic and a no brainer if you want a bulk bag of moringa powder.
#2 – Kuli Kuli Moringa Powder

Kuli Kuli is probably the most recognized company in the moringa space thanks to an extensive branding company and their moringa powder is their flagship product.
Ethically sourced from farms in Africa, Kuli Kuli sells some of the most premium organic moringa powder on the market. However, it sells for over $3 per oz., which is more expensive than any other product we researched.
It’s still a high quality moringa powder but we found that it wasn’t necessarily worth the premium pricing.
#3 – Sunfood Moringa Powder
Sunfood’s moringa powder is our 3rd ranked moringa powder and an excellent alternative if you’re looking a more affordable & smaller bag of moringa powder. At only 6oz. per bag, Sunfood’s moringa powder won’t last you as long but its’ resealable bag will ensure your moringa powder says fresh and nutrient rich.
There’s not much else to say about it – Sunfood sells quality products and their moringa powder is an excellent choice for a bulk bag of moringa powder.
Best Moringa Teas
#1 – Simple Life Nutrition Organic Moringa Tea

Our top choice for moringa tea is – you guessed it, from Simple Life Nutrition. Simple Life sells 30 bags of premium antioxidant-rich moringa tea packed with in a resealable pouch to guarantee freshness. There are three delicious flavors to choose from – original, lemon, and pomegranate with more flavors coming.
If you’re a tea drinker and want to try moringa, then your first stop should be at Simple Life Nutrition.
#2 – Miracle Tree Organic Moringa Tea
Organic moringa tea from Miracle Tree is one of the most well-known brands of moringa tea in the industry and arguably the #1 product of moringa tea on Amazon.
There are quite a few flavors of moringa tea so it should be easy to find a flavor that suits your personal tastes and Miracle Tea’s products are always competitively price. If you want a diverse range of flavors of moringa tea, you can’t go wrong with Miracle Tea.
#3 – Kuli Kuli Energizing Moringa Tea
Like their moringa powder, Kuli Kuli’s moringa tea is one of its’ best-selling products. It comes in three different flavors – original, peppermint, and lemongrass, all of which are well reviewed by customers.
Price is really what harms Kuli Kuli. While it is true the quality is outstanding, 15 tea bags cost $14.99, which is double the average selling price per bag of moringa tea. Because of that, we have to recommend other moringa tea products even though Kuli Kuli has excellent moringa tea.
Ranking Factors
We researched well over 50 moringa products before making our top rankings. A number of factors played a role in these rankings, but our top factors for ranking included:
#1 – Quality & Purity of Moringa
Quality and of the moringa leaves used in a moringa product is the #1 most essential factor when determining a good product from a bad one. The main issue stems from how moringa is processed. Moringa needs to be shade dried in order to preserve the nutrient composition of the remaining moringa powder.
In order to find the best quality moringa products, we looked at the color and drying process. Moringa powder should be a vibrant green color or with a darkish green tint. This means the moringa leaves were shade dried and that the moringa powder has preserved its’ nutritional content. Moringa powder that is light green or even brownish is indicative of a poor-quality product.
#2 – Customer Reviews
Since the quality of moringa products varies so greatly from product to product, it is essential we get actual customer reviews from people who’ve tried the products. This is why we searched high and low on sites like Amazon, BBB, and on Facebook to get a real idea of what customers actually felt about individual moringa products.
We looked for products that had a healthy number of reviews that were mostly, but not necessarily 100% positive. Moringa, like most supplements, does not work for everyone and therefore it is unlikely for any one brand to have a 100% satisfaction rate. This is why we eliminated supplements that had seemingly fake, overwhelmingly positive, or paid reviews.
#3 – Pricing & Money Back Guarantee
Moringa products can vary wildly in price, similarly to how they vary so much in quality. You have to be careful not to simply purchase a product because it’s cheap because more often than not, cheap means low quality.
We searched for moringa products that were in the $15-20 range for a one month’s supply because this seems to be the standard amongst the best quality products. We eliminated products we felt were price gouging and eliminate products that were abnormally low in price.
After price, we wanted to make sure every moringa product offered a money back guarantee. 30 days was the standard we used and all of our top moringa products have at least a 30-day money back guarantee.
#4 – Manufacturing Practices
Moringa products should be certified organic, raw, and vegan. They should also be manufactured in the United States in an FDA-approved lab using good manufacturing practices (GMP).
We felt this was still important because the FDA does not regular the supplement industry. They are only responsible for evaluating food and drug products, which makes the supplement industry sort of a wild west.
No moringa supplement is “FDA-approved.” However, moringa products that were at least manufactured in an FDA-approved lab is more likely to be of a higher quality and sold by a more reputable company.
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Science Backed Health Benefits of Moringa
The health benefits of moringa continue to grow every year. Dozens of studies are conducted every year to attempt to discover new potential applications for moringa. As of right now, there are over a dozen known benefits to taking moringa, some of which include:
Moringa is a dense source of nutrition:
Moringa contains almost two dozen vitamins and minerals, 46 antioxidant compounds, and 23 anti-inflammatory compounds. Moringa is also an excellent plant-based source of nutrition, with one ounce of moringa powder containing 8 grams of protein.
Moringa has strong anti-inflammatory properties:
Moringa contains 23 anti-inflammatory plant compounds that have been proven to reduce inflammation in the body. A small study in rats found a small dose of moringa could reduce various inflammatory markers indicating moringa have created an anti-inflammatory response.
Another small study found women taking only 1.5 grams of moringa per day had a remarkable improvement in various health markers, one of which was antioxidant levels in the blood stream.
Moringa’s strong anti-inflammatory properties are why it is considered an excellent alternative joint supplement compared to the traditional products containing glucosamine and chondroitin. Anecdotal evidence and small studies both signify that moringa can reduce the inflammation and pain associated with arthritis and other joint issues.
Moringa can help control blood glucose levels:
Diabetes affects almost one in six adults in the United States and sustained high blood sugar levels can cause a litany of issues if unchecked. Research has shown moringa can control blood sugar levels by reducing blood sugar spikes and by lowering overall blood sugar levels.
In one study, women taking 7g of moringa powder saw the blood sugar levels spike after eating decrease by an average of 13.5%. A larger study found that 50g of moringa powder a day could reduce the spike in blood glucose levels by 20% after eating. Both studies noted an overall decrease in blood sugar levels as well.
Lower blood pressure and cholesterol:
Heart disease in the western world has become an epidemic, killing hundreds of thousands annually. If unchecked, hypertension and high cholesterol can cause heart attacks, stokes, and even death.
According to several studies, moringa has a positive effect on both cholesterol levels and blood pressure. Even better, moringa appears to improve “good” cholesterol levels and eliminate the bad cholesterol responsible for clogging arteries – decreasing your risk for a heart attack.
Improved sexual function:
Although not traditionally seen as an adaptogen, more research is being conducted into moringa’s ability to improve sexual function. Millions of men and women suffer from low libido or some form of sexual dysfunction.
Although preliminary, moringa does appear to improve sexual function – particularly related to erectile dysfunction caused by stress. Research is still very preliminary and more human studies need to be conducted but it does certainly appear like moringa can relieve stress and potentially improve sexual function.
Improved immunity:
Moringa contains 46 antioxidant compounds, including the essential vitamins like Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E. All of these antioxidants work to strengthen your immune system and prevent oxidative stress that damages your body. This is one of the reasons why moringa is considered a top choice when cold and flu season strikes.
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Moringa Side Effects and Dosage
For the most part, moringa is typically well tolerated by most individuals, although there are still some potential risks. Some users report feeling some minor nausea or stomach pain when taking moringa – especially during the first few days of use. These feelings do typically go away after a few days although it can take longer for the body to adjust to moringa in some individuals.
Moringa also has natural laxative properties, so you may find yourself using the bathroom more than you typically would.
Finally, moringa naturally lowers blood pressure and cholesterol, so if you are on a blood thinner (especially a high dose), you’ll want to be careful when taking moringa because you don’t want your blood pressure to decrease too much.
For the most part, you typically won’t experience any negative effects when taking moringa. If you feel for some reason like moringa is negative impacting your health, discontinue use immediately and consult your doctor and let him or her know what you are feeling.
Likewise, if you are unsure whether moringa may be right for you, consult a doctor before trying it.
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Moringa Dosage
The dosage used in most of the human-based studies has been in the range between two and seven grams of moringa leaf powder every day. However, moringa powders are not standardized so the actual dosage of bioactive compounds can vary wildly between products.
It’s highly recommended that you start with a smaller dosage and work your way up to a higher dosage to allow your body to adjust to taking moringa the way you would any other supplement. It may be best to start with around two grams of powder per day and work your way up to the higher dosage of seven grams a day.
Different Types of Moringa Supplements
Moringa primarily comes in three different forms – capsules, powders, and herbal teas. Each form of moringa has its’ advantages and disadvantages because each form will have a different bioavailability and taste.
Moringa Capsules – Moringa capsules are the most popular way to take moringa since they are the most convenient and simplest way to consume moringa. Convenience is really the main advantage of moringa capsules and you can simply pop two to four capsules per day in the morning and move on with your day.
Moringa Powder – Moringa powder is typically recommended for experienced moringa users who have taken moringa for a while and are well adjusted to it. Bulk moringa powder typically gives you the best bang for your buck and it’s fun to get creative and make your own dishes and smoothies using moringa powder.
Moringa Tea – Tea drinkers can rejoice; moringa tea is readily available nowadays. Moringa tea is generally used for energy and immunity and it can even be a coffee replacement, although it does not contain and caffeine.
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Moringa FAQ
Unless you’re already familiar with moringa, then you need to understand basic information about what exactly moringa is and how it works.
What is moringa?
Moringa is a tree native to areas in Africa, India, and other parts of Southeast Asia. The tree can grow 25 to 40 feet in height and it is extremely drought resistant. This is one of the many reasons why health organizations believe moringa may be able to play a major role in combatting malnutrition.
The primary use for moringa is for its’ incredible nutrient density. Moringa contains 24 vitamins and minerals, 46 antioxidants, and 92 total nutrients. It is a complete source of protein with all 9 essential amino acids, making moringa one of the best plant-based sources for protein.
Who should take moringa?
Moringa is one of the most versatile supplements and it has a wide range of potential uses. Moringa has natural antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties so individuals with arthritis and immune system issues may find moringa especially useful.
Moringa is a great source of iron so it is an excellent product for those who suffer from anemia. Finally, there’s a significant amount of evidence that moringa can aid in lactation – making moringa useful for women who are breastfeeding.
Is moringa safe?
Yes, for the most part moringa is safe and tolerated well. It may cause stomach issues, nausea, or diarrhea in some people because it has natural laxative properties. There are no known serious side effects of moringa (life threatening side effects).
If you don’t feel right taking moringa, discontinue use and see if your symptoms subside. Additionally, speak to your doctor before taking moringa to make sure it won’t interfere with any medications you are taking.
How much does moringa cost?
Most moringa products cost between $10-25 for a one month’s supply depending on the quality. Spending more than that probably means you are being gouged and spending less means you are probably buying a lower quality product.
Stick to that range and you can feel comfort knowing you are most likely buying a solid product with good quality moringa powder.
Is there any scientific research on moringa?
There have been dozens of peer reviewed studies published in medical journals across the globe. Research has found very strong anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and anti-oxidant properties when taking moringa.
Other studies have found a direct connection between moringa and lower blood pressure, cholesterol, & blood sugar levels.
Current studies in progress are exploring moringa to use for improving sexual function, relieving stress & anxiety, and improving brain health. Potential anti-cancer properties are also being studied right now.
Where can I buy moringa?
Moringa is readily available online in virtually every marketplace and in physical retail stores like Wal-Mart, Target, GNC, and CVS.
Online stores tend to have better quality moringa since their reputation counts on it but if like to see products before you buy them, then you can still purchase it at most health stores or large retailers.
Moringa is a versatile supplement with a growing number of health applications. Although traditionally used for nutritional purposes, it is clear that virtually everybody can potentially benefit from taking a moringa supplement.
If you’re in the market for moringa – consider trying one of our top rated moringa products from Simple Life Nutrition – our #1 rated moringa seller.
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