The energy and effort required to review the best moringa powders, moringa capsules and moringa tea leaf blends is not easy given the number of available miracle tree products online. By now, most savvy consumers in 2020 and beyond know not all moringa supplements are created equal.
Right away, the versatility of the green superfood-rich moringa oleifera powder stands out as it can be consumed in a number of ways. Some moringa supplements are mixed with food or water, while others are added to shakes or smoothies. But regardless of how you get your daily dose of moringa, whether powder, pill, or tea leaves, the same concerns about purity and efficiency persist.
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The global ascent of moringa oleifera in the past decade is currently at an all time high according to search metrics. This medicinal plant is native to the Himalayas and is known for its dense nutritional content and exceptional antioxidant properties. It should come as no surprise that this unique supplement has been largely underrepresented within the traditional medical community despite its constant rise over the past decade.
Research studies conducted in the 21st century have repeatedly supported the unique benefits associated with this Himalayan plant. As a consequence of exploding natural health and interest, consumers all over the world have searched for the best organic moringa powders and pure moringa pills.
Given the rich nutritional nature of The Miracle Tree plant's source of containing essential vitamins & minerals, active antioxidants, known anti-inflammatory agents, and even all the main essential amino acids, it is wise to ensure the use of a potent superfood formula that is transparent, certified and affordable.
But how can consumers protect themselves from ineffective moringa powder products and cheap supplements? The inundation of the market has given moringa users more products to choose from than they know what to do with. With strong affinities and associated benefits in accordance with daily use; obtaining low quality moringa supplements will not provide an optimal experience and may even cause harm if tainted ingredients and impurities are found in the variety of moringa supplement blends out there today.
The emerging moringa supplement industry is growing as the interest in this intriguing Miracle Tree extract is taking flight in 2020.
Here are the top moringa powders, capsules and tea product rankings followed by a moringa supplementation guide and the ranking criteria used to create the top moringa brands to buy this year.
Moringa capsules are the easiest, most convenient way to reap the benefits of moringa and from our research – Simple Life Nutrition has the best.
Each capsule contains 600mg of pure, organic moringa powder that is triple tested for purity and quality. With the recommended dose of 2 – 4 capsules per day, this gives you a dosage right in the sweet spot of around 2.4grams of moringa powder a day.
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If you’re looking for a larger dose of moringa powder a day, then you can skip the moringa capsules and go right for the bulk moringa powder from Simple Life Nutrition. We consider it to be the best moringa powder because of its’ superior quality, rigorous testing, and affordable pricing.
Each 8oz. bag costs $17.99 – well within the normal range of comparable products. However, the quality of this moringa powder is far superior to what we’ve tested so it’s really a steal when you consider the overall value.
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Companies are always looking for new exciting moringa products and right now nothing is more popular than moringa tea. Made from steeping the tea leaves, moringa tea provides an instant energy & focus boost, and provides you with an antioxidant rich beverage that is both delicious and good for you.
Simple Life Nutrition has three versions of moringa tea – unflavored, pomegranate, and lemon. We’ve tried all three and they are all absolutely delicious. The pomegranate is a fan favorite but you really can’t go wrong with any of the three choices.
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If you’ve searched for moringa products chances are you’ve seen a company called Green Virgin. Based out of Tampa, FL, Green Virgin sells a variety of moringa products with their 120ct. pack of moringa capsules being the most popular. If not for quality companies like Simple Life Nutrition, Green Virgin Products is right there with a full display of high quality moringa supplements too.
Green Virgin is known for claiming to have “the most potent” moringa on the market. However, when we compared to other similar moringa capsules, Green Virgin moringa capsules were virtually the same. More follow up research needs to be conducted here but they are considered a clear cut leader in the moringa powder and supplementation space. The color was almost identical as was the smell and taste.
Consumers will see that  Green Virgin Moringa Products are roughly 30-40% more than other reputable brands for the same quantity, it all comes down to budget and what willing to pay for upfront. Green Virgin Products are one of the more expensive moringa supplements to choose from and are known for quality customer service and are easily in the consideration for the best moringa products to use.
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Consumers can also enjoy the 100% Pure Certified Organic, Cold-Pressed, Extra Virgin Moringa Oil by Green Virgin Products Here
Sunfood has been in the superfood game since its’ inception and their flagship moringa product is their organic moringa capsules.
Sunfood’s products are certified organic by CCOF, an organization based out of California. Their lab tests verify that their moringa capsules are free from pesticides, fillers, mold, heavy metals, or any other problematic substance.
Each bottle contains 90 organic moringa capsules with 600mg of moringa powder in each. This is a slightly lower dosage than a few of the research studies involving moringa powder but it is close enough that you can still experience many of the incredible benefits of moringa.
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The story of Kuli Kuli is widely known thanks to the PR blitz of the company over the last few years. They’re arguably the largest moringa company in the United States and their flagship product is their 7oz. bag of moringa powder.
Kuli Kuli moringa powder is sourced from all over the world, namely from farmers in Africa and India. Their vegetable powder is amongst the best in the world and is vibrant green – a sign that is of very good quality as it is organic, raw and vegan.
The biggest drawback to Kuli Kuli moringa powder is the price. A 7oz. bag can cost you almost $20, which is far more expensive than comparable products. The quality is good but there are better products to give you a better bang for your buck.
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By thoroughly evaluating hundreds of moringa products on various marketplaces, these rankings were the result of this rigorous examination process.
It’s hard to cover the full list of deciding factors used to support the creation of this moringa supplement 2020 ranking system, but the top shelf criteria includes:
Quality and purity of moringa. It was our first priority to find the very best quality moringa products. We looked for moringa powders and capsules that were vibrant green in color – a sign of pure, shade-dried moringa. Brownish colored moringa is less likely to be shade-dried and indicates a poor quality product likely not as dense in nutrients a it should be.
Manufacturing practices. We also looked to make sure products were certified organic and manufactured using good manufacturing processes in FDA-certified labs. A quick note here: the FDA does not evaluate or approve dietary supplements. This criterion simply means that we’re looking for products produced in laboratories certified by the FDA. The products still remain un-evaluated.
Customer reviews. We researched what customers were actually saying about various moringa products and disqualified any company that added fake or incentivized reviews. We searched for companies with mostly positive reviews, normally in the 90-95% positive range.
We automatically threw out any company with a satisfaction rate of less than 90% or products with excessive complaints. While it is possible that some products got a few negative reviews they didn’t deserve, dissatisfaction from 10%+ of their reviewers generally hints that something is wrong.
Price. The huge popularity of moringa has led to an increase in the number of shady, dishonest companies who have flooded the market with cheap, low-quality products. Therefore, we looked for companies with competitive pricing that was not overly cheap or overly expensive.
Some products deserve premium pricing, and that was taken into consideration. We disqualified products from our list if their price is unjustified by the quality and nature of the ingredients they include.
Company reputation. Finally, we looked at the reputation of each company behind the products on our list. We looked into company history, reputation, brand social accounts, and customer service reports from customers. This provides us with a comprehensive view of how a company has behaved toward its customers over an extended period of time.
Even the best products might fall short of making our list of the top moringa supplements in 2020 if the companies behind them fail to provide stellar customer service. With supplements, you always want to do business with companies that value and treat their customers with respect.
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Moringa is native to parts of India, Africa, and now Southeast Asia. Today, modern research has discovered a number of potential applications for moringa as a supplement given that every part of the plant is used for nutritional value.
Moringa powders, capsules, and teas are very common now, and new research discovers new benefits of these products every year.
High nutrition. There are over 90 total nutrients found in moringa, including a whopping 46 antioxidants and 23 anti-inflammatory compounds. Moringa is one of the best plant-based sources of protein, with only 1oz of moringa containing around 8 grams of protein.
Some of the notable vitamins and minerals found in moringa include vitamin A, vitamin B2, vitamin B12, vitamin C, vitamin k, calcium, iron, magnesium, thiamin, and many more.
Anti-Inflammation properties. Moringa contains 46 known antioxidant compounds, as well as 23 other anti-inflammatory phytonutrients that are known to reduce inflammation and prevent oxidative damage to the body.
One small study found that women taking 1.5 teaspoons of moringa each day “significantly improved” their levels of antioxidants. Another study in rats found similar results and “various other improved health markers.”
These anti-inflammatory and antioxidant compounds also help to support your immune system.
Blood sugar regulation. High blood sugar levels are known to cause significant health issues. Diabetes is a particularly major cause and effect of sustained high blood sugar. This disease affects millions in the United States, and finding ways to mitigate blood sugar irregularity has always been a priority of the supplement industry.
Moringa has been shown in several studies to help control blood sugar spikes and to stabilize blood sugar levels.
In a small three month study, women taking 7g of moringa leaf powder saw their blood glucose levels drop by an average of 13.5% over the course of the trial. Another study found that a larger dose of roughly 50g of moringa powder a day reduced the increase in blood sugar levels by over 20% after eating.
Reduce blood pressure and cholesterol. Next to diabetes, heart disease is one of the most prevalent health issues facing adults in the United States today. High cholesterol and blood pressure claim tens of thousands of lives a year, which is why improving heart health is important for adults.
Moringa has been shown to have positive effects on both cholesterol levels and blood pressure in adults and animals. Notably, moringa helps to improve “good” cholesterol levels, while also eliminating the bad cholesterol responsible for clogging arteries and increasing the risk for a heart attack.
Improved sexual function. Some of the newest promising research with moringa involves sexual function. As millions of men suffer from some kind of sexual dysfunction, and traditional medical treatments for ED can be expensive and potentially dangerous.
Although most studies related to this benefit have been conducted on animals, a number of studies found moringa improved sexual function and reduced the effects of erectile dysfunction stemming from stress. Various human studies are currently underway, but early results do indicate that moringa can support healthy sexual function in men at least to some degree.
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For the most part, moringa is tolerated well by most individuals. However, despite all of its’ benefits, moringa is still not a perfect supplement. All supplements have the potential to cause side effects. Users are at particular risk for side effects if they combine moringa with any number of existing medication regimens.
Moringa has natural laxative properties, so individuals who suffer from digestive issues may see an uptake of digestive problems if they take too much moringa. If you experience digestive distress while taking moringa, we recommend that you cease use immediately and speak to a medical professional to rule out any serious reactions.
How to Take Moringa
Most studies we’ve researched have recommended a dosage of moringa of between two to seven grams of moringa leaf powder per day. However, since moringa powders are not standardized, the bioactive compounds can fluctuate. It’s always best to carefully research the dosage instructions for each product before using it, especially for an extended period of time. Human studies have found this to be safe,and the general recommendation is to start with a smaller dose and work your way up. Taking any superfood supplement is a personalized process but be sure to check each moringa brand’s recommended dosage for optimal effectiveness.
How users consume moringa is an important first step to make as the capsules, powder, and herbal tea blends are the most common. Methods of ingestion can impact bioavailability, taste, and even aptitude for side effects.
Here are the moringa supplements advantages and disadvantages to consider:
Moringa Capsules. Moringa capsules are likely the most popular forms of moringa. Across the supplement industry, this is often the case. The big advantage to taking capsules is that it makes use simple and convenient. You should take anywhere from 1-4 capsules of moringa per day, typically in the morning. Specific dosage instructions should be found on the container for the capsules.
One of the big downsides is that some people can’t stand the taste of moringa capsules. The moringa supplement taste itself can take some getting used to.
Moringa Powder. This is the second most common type of moringa supplement. We’d generally recommend that consumers who have been taking moringa for a while give the powdered method ingestion a shot. Moringa powder is pretty fun to use because it allows consumers to cook their own unique dishes or mix their own drinks out of their supplement.
Powders are also good if you’re looking to take more than the normal recommended dose of moringa. Swallowing 8-10 pills is never fun and can quickly become expensive. It’s often best to take high amounts of a supplement by mixing a powder into food or beverage. If you’re taking quite a bit of moringa, powdered supplements are an inexpensive choice.
Special Moringa Tea. This option is the rarest, but there are still plenty of moringa teas available online. Obviously, you’ll want to skip this method of dosing moringa if you don’t like or you might be allergic to tea. Who knows, moringa may even be a coffee replacement.
There aren’t many downsides to moringa tea, but consumers who need to take quite a bit of moringa might struggle when using tea to get the job done. It might be necessary to drink quite a bit more tea than you’d like to get the right dosage.
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Interest in the scientific community in moringa has spiked in recent years. As with all dietary supplements, the opinions of professionals on this issue are often tinted with a healthy hue of skepticism. Nevertheless, a number of medical researchers have begun to recognize the massive restorative and wellness potential hidden within the innocuous moringa powder.
One article from the University of Californian explained that the moringa plant is notable, both for its high edibility, and for the leaves, which are “high in vitamins A and C, calcium, zinc, iron, magnesium, and potassium.” While the researcher cited in the study was initially skeptical of the major benefits listed by moringa’s proponents, she eventually found that moringa can help humans in a number of ways.
Another study published in the Food Science and Human Wellness journal concluded that moringa could be used to promote several benefits, even potentially lessening the effects of cancer and diabetes via its unique nutritional properties.
This article examined the application of moringa in nutritionally deficient communities. The study found that moringa is so nutritionally dense that it can help to substantively combat malnutrition and under-nutrition in humans. For the average user, this helps to support the idea that moringa can promote numerous important vitamins and minerals in human diets.
Additionally, this study explored the immune-boosting properties of the plant supplement. While the study was conducted on animals and is not about ten years old, its conclusions still help to inform the supplement community of the potentiality for moringa to be used as an immune-boosting superfood.
Two years later, this research trial found similar results when studying the effects of moringa on humans directly. This supports, yet again, the scientific hypothesis that moringa can be used to promote immune strength in men and women who use it regularly.
An extremely recent scientific study on mice found that the use of moringa can help to offset the immune-based negative effects of malnutrition. This is a pretty landmark conclusion; immune-based impacts in malnourished people often come with some of the most significant consequences and complications.
Moringa and its effects have been understood by communities all around the world for hundreds of years. It is only recently that the ancient remedy has begun to make its rounds in the media among nutritionists and dieting professionals. Our guide to the best moringa supplements of 2020 should teach consumers everything they need to know in order to buy the best moringa supplement for them.
As always, we recommend that readers conduct their own secondary research before purchasing or using any moringa supplement.
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