For sweet treats and baking goods, here’s our selection of the best British and English honeys available.
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Local honey can be purer and more natural than honey from those transported from across the sea – from how they can be kept unblended and untreated. The UK has a wide variety of beehive locations, especially among rural areas with their biodiversity and wildflower densities.
We’ve chosen some of the best English and British honeys from some of the most trusted brands. A number of the products here also help to preserve bee wildlife in the UK, and most of them are natural and untreated.
The London Honey Company produce a range of 100% British honeys, sited from hives across the British countryside. Their British Honey Trio is an exciting way to try the variety in their range. It includes three different flavoured honeys based on different regions in the U.K.
The Kent creamed honey is a spring cherry and apple blossom honey typical of the Kent region. Their Dorset summer honey is made with summer blossoms from sweet chestnuts, lime trees and wildflowers. Finally, the Scottish ling heather honey is aromatic and rich in colour. The three distinct flavours can bring some delicious variety into your kitchen, or would make a perfect gift set for a honey enthusiast.
The Local Honey Man brand is perfect for 100% pure beehive honey, as each jar is sold by beekeepers themselves – straight from beehive to the jar. In contrast to other ‘blended’ honeys, the British Golden Honey is made from nectar and pollen from a variety of flowers including blackberries, clover and primrose, among others.
Sourced across the U.K., this honey is local, organic and natural. It’s unprocessed, untreated and unpasteurised to maximise the natural nutritional benefits and sweet taste.
Black Bee Honey’s British Summer Honey is sustainably collected by British beekeepers in wild open spaces in the UK. The honey is treated naturally with nothing added and nothing removed – unprocessed and unpasteurised. From a single source, the nectar for the multi-floral honey is sourced from a wide variety of plants and wildflowers including blackberries and clover.
The London Honey Company’s 100% pure, raw and natural tasting honey can be enjoyed greatly with this huge 1.3kg tub. Coming from the British countryside, the British Blossom Honey includes only the natural minerals and vitamins found in honey, without any added sugar or additives. The honey is said to have a floral aroma with a rich but subtle flavour
Produced and packed in the UK, the English Set Honey from Tesco’s Finest range can be a strong choice. The 340g jar of honey is made by bees that forage on native English blossoms. The smooth, creamy texture with floral notes will make a sweet addition to toast, yoghurt and other sweet treats.
This honey by Just Bee is designed to be a daily immune support, the natural honey is blended with vitamins and echinacea in a lemon and ginger flavour. Using only natural ingredients, the raw vitamin honey is produced in the UK. Plus, the Manchester honey company buy and give away bee-saving wildflower seeds with every jar sold!
Littleover Apiary protect the natural proteins and enzymes of their honey by keeping it cold extracted, cold filtered and unblended. The summer honey is sourced from rural sites across the UK during the seasons where the honey flow is peaking.
Ideal for all kinds of baking or as a sweet topping, Thursday Cottage’s English Borage Honey is a great choice for English honey. To retain its natural pollen count and flavour, they make sure to not over-filter their honey – keeping it a sweet-tasting mild spread.
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