Fenugreek consist of aromatic herb which has taste almost resembling like maple syrup.
Humble herbal plant fenugreek can do wonders for you if you intake it. It can be easily included in your daily diet.
Fenugreek benefits are many. Some of them are as follows.
• Digestion is improved: when fenugreek is consumed it helps in improving the metabolism and also helps in preventing constipation. Blood is purified and lot of harmful toxins is flushed out
• Loose weight: Fenugreek is effective as it helps in loosing weight when it taken along with proper diet with exercise. Fenugreek seeds can be dissolved in water and consumed in the morning with empty stomach. Stomach feels full because the fiber last for longer.
• Benefit for women: Fenugreek helps in achieving hormonal balance in the women and also enlargement of breast. It improves the lactation for breast feeding females .Mostly pregnant women diet includes fenugreek this helps in reduction of labor pain and they help to induce child birth in females. Fenugreek helps in reduction menstrual pain and also menstrual discomforts.
• Diabetes and cholesterol: Fenugreek is proved to be good agent which actually helps in reducing the bad cholesterol in the body. Diabetic patients should be taking more fenugreek as it helps in reduction of glucose in both blood and urine. Consumption of fenugreek can be taken both ways by chewing the seeds or including in the diet.
• Medical uses : Fenugreek are rich sources of iron and when the fenugreek leaves are applied on soles and palms burning sensation is reduced .Cough and phlegm can cured by consuming mixture of fenugreek leaves and honey along with teaspoon of ginger powder. Fenugreek leaves can also be made paste and applied when there are swelling, burns and sprains it heals effectively. Fenugreek acts as antioxidant system for patients who are suffering from diabetics. When fenugreek is taken regularly improvements is found in the respiratory and nervous, reproductive and neuromuscular system.
What are Fenugreek side effects?
Some of the Feexperienced by the patients when fenugreek is used they are follows.
• Patients complain that asthma disorder is aggravated for few women and some female patients experience low levels of blood glucose these are mostly diabetic patients.
• Patients should be monitored closely and time to time insulin level should be checked.
• Patients do complain of numbness, difficulty in breathing, allergic reactions, facial swelling.
• Patients do complain of dizziness, gas and diarrhea.
• Patients especially female complain of loose stools. Patients also explain of uterine contractions, mothers complain of hypoglycemia.
• Patients complain smell of urine and sweat is almost like maple syrup this is mainly because fenugreek lowers the levels of blood sugar and hence diabetic mother should not use fenugreek without consulting the doctor.
How is Fenugreek I tea is prepared?
Fenugreek consist of aromatic herb which has taste almost resembling like maple syrup .This fenugreek tea can be brewed both mild and also flavor able . For preparing tea all you need is fenugreek seed which can be brought online or any grocery store. Fenugreek seeds should be boiled in water for around 10-15 minutes. After boiling set aside for at least 10 to 15 minutes then with the help of strainer stain the seeds and pour the boiled liquid in tea pot. Fenugreek tea can be consumed immediately or can be stored in refrigerator. It can be consumed both cold and hot .It can also sweetened or unsweetened according to the choice of the patient.

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