Police charge three people, including teenage girl in connection to death of Keith Green in Banbury
Police charge man with multiple offences in connection to attempted rape incident in Banbury
The Bee Keeping Course takes place on April 23 – 24 at Brailes Village Hall and at a nearby apiary. It will be run by a master bee keeper from the Shipston Beekeepers association – see will be a weekend course to give participants an insight into bee keeping and some hands-on experience of the world of the honey bee and the role of the beekeeper.
It will cover how a honey bee colony works, the beekeeping year, the essential equipment, harvesting your honey and wax, how to get started with your own bees, siting an apiary, assembling hive parts and apiary safety. Weather permitting there will be an inspection of a honey bee colony (bee suits will be provided),
Beyond this course Shipston Beekeepers hold weekly apiary meetings to help newer members build up their beekeeping experience.
The cost of the course is £70. Light lunch and refreshments are included.
You may enrol at beekeeping-enrolment/ .
Banbury area bee keeper Mike Cherry recommended the course. “My journey into bee keeping started after seeing a flyer about the introduction to beekeeping, I had been thinking about it for a number of years to both help the pollinators and the bonus of some honey too.
“I enjoyed the course which ran over two days. The first day was spent going over the theory of beekeeping and all manner of bee related information, the second day was at the club apiary getting hands on with the bees and some of the construction techniques needed.
“After the course I joined the club and took advantage of the weekly apiary meeting to get as much information before I got my own bees,” he said.
“All through my time with the club I have found all of the members very welcoming and forthcoming with help and advice and the regular talks on all aspects on beekeeping from master beekeepers from both within and outside of the club have been both informative and interesting.”


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