Moringa oil may seem like a new entrant in the beauty scene, but the natural goodness of this oil had been recognised thousands of years ago. The oil is extracted from mature seeds of the Moringa tree, commonly known as the drumstick tree in India. Moringa oil smells like fresh leaves, has a beautiful golden hue and does everything from moisturising the skin to conditioning the hair. Find out how this fantastic oil can give you amazing skin and hair.
Treating dry skin
Owing to its high moisturising properties, Moringa oil is beneficial in treating rough, dry skin. It softens the skin and maintains the moisture.
Non-greasy moisturiser
Along with being an excellent moisturiser, Moringa oil is non greasy and gets absorbed by the skin instantly. This makes it great for hydrating all skin types including oily skin, sans the oiliness.
Anti-ageing properties
Loaded with anti-oxidants and vitamin E, Moringa oil is ideal for rejuvenating dull, tired and ageing skin. It promotes collagen in the skin and helps prevent wrinkles and reduces visible fine lines.
As night serum
Moringa oil makes for a good night time serum as it’ll moisturise the skin all night without causing breakouts due to its non-greasy properties. Massage your face with a few drops of Moringa oil and wake up to supple skin in the morning.
Body oil
Massage your body with Moringa oil after bath and it will keep your skin moisturised all day long. Being lightweight, it will absorb easily and not rub on your clothes or leave greasy stains.
Hair serum
Smooth over a few drops of Moringa oil on your hair to tame the flyaways and control the frizz. You can also use this while styling your hair. It’s a natural, non-greasy serum that will also nourish your hair.
Controlling split ends
Dry hair results in split ends which can make the hair look shabby. Apply Moringa oil on dry, damaged hair to nourish it, add shine and prevent split ends without weighing the hair down.
Fighting free radicals
Moringa oil is rich in antioxidants which fight free radicals causing oxidative stress, cell damage, and inflammation in the skin. Using Moringa oil on the skin will repair the skin from daily wear and tear caused by external factors like pollution, sun etc.
Blemish buster
Being rich in Vitamins C and E, Moringa oil can help reduce and fade blemishes from the skin surface. It also minimises dark spots, acne marks, and pigmentation.
Nourishing hair
Moringa oil is an emollient and is deeply moisturising. Giving your hair and head a good massage with this oil frequently will give you healthy, shiny and soft hair.
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