No need to introduce Badshah and Yo Yo Honey Singh! Both are at the forefront of the most well-known modern Indian artists. Few people know that they got their start in business together. Their connection, however, gradually worsened. Both rappers started their careers as members of the Mafia Mundeer music group, as everyone who follows them closely knows. Aside from them, the trio includes Ikka and Raftaar, both of whom are well-known rappers. In 2012, the group split, and each member went on to achieve fame on their own.

Yo-Yo Honey Singh’s freshly formed group, which comprised Badshah, J-Star, Alfaaz, and other musicians, aimed to put together again and produce a slew of songs once again. Despite the popularity, things didn’t go exactly when Honey Singh was accused of not giving enough credit by DJ Waley Babu. This was the beginning of the conflict between the two.
Following similar incidents, stories said that both parties had settled their disputes and that all was good. During the trailer premiere of the Punjabi film ‘Zorawar,’ Honey, on the other hand, took a shot at Badshah.
One journalist questioned Honey Singh if Badshah had superseded him as the most famous Professional rapper with tracks like DJ Waley Babu, Kar Gayi Chull, and others. “Have you ever driven a Rolls-Royce?” enquires the narrator. Honey gave a response. “A Rolls-Royce and a Nano (the world’s cheapest vehicle) are not the same things.”
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