A deliciously sweet launch is hitting the market and the charcuterie board as Atalanta’s exclusive partner Dalmatia launches a new line of raw and unfiltered honeys from Croatia. Available for both foodservice and retail, these unique, delicious honeys are in stock now.
The new line features three delectable varieties straight from the stunning coastal region of Croatia. Renowned for its Mediterranean fruits and vegetables, nuts, cheeses, olives, and nut oils, the region is the inspiration for Dalmatia, a multi-sofi award winner for its spread portfolio.
Atalanta’s exclusive partner Dalmatia has launched a new line of raw and unfiltered honeys from Croatia
According to the press release, the company works with local farmers to craft their fine jams, spreads, and honeys. These honeys are full of nuance and flavor, perfect for pairing with cheeses or stirring into tea. Or, if your consumers are like me, eaten straight from the jar.
If you’re wondering how to pair these with your cheeses, Atalanta and Dalmatia have got you covered.
These honeys are full of nuance and flavor, perfect for pairing with cheeses or stirring into tea
Produced only from May to late June, Chestnut Honey is full-bodied and less sugary tasting than other honey, with a deep color and an herbal aroma. It has a long-lasting flavor and the slightest hint of welcome bitterness. Dalmatia Chestnut Honey is perfect for pairing with savory or mild cheeses.
Acacia Honey has a delicate, sweet, floral flavor and notes of vanilla. With a light, bright hue, this nearly transparent honey is made from the nectar of beautiful tree blossoms, which bloom only 10–15 days out of the year. Drizzle Dalmatia Acacia Honey on lighter fares such as Greek yogurt or ricotta or enjoy with crêpes and scones.
For the flavor curious, Dalmatia and Atalanta suggest multiple cheese pairings with these specialty honeys
Aromatic Forest Honey is produced from Croatian oak trees in late summer when the air is dry, making for an intense, medium-bodied flavor. This honey variety is rare. With a dark color and moderate sweetness, Forest Honey has complex, woodsy flavors that pair wonderfully with rich, nutty cheeses like Tuscan pecorino, Parmigiano-Reggiano, or aged Manchego.
Bring your customers a taste of Mediterranean tradition with these one-of-a-kind, gorgeous honeys, and you’ll see your deli aisle pick up in traffic to get boards assembled.


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