Christmas is a festival that we all look forward to. From exchanging presents to dressing up in your best outfit, the festival is all about love and joy. Apart from the outfits and presents, it is also important to have flawless skin to enhance your attire. Now save your parlour money and get glowing skin at home with these skincare products. 
Derma Essentia Vitamin C Serum
Enriched with added benefits of hyaluronic acid, ceramides and Japanese tangerine, this serum repairs sun damage, helps with collagen production and brightens your complexion – all while protecting against signs of premature aging. It also contains chronochardy which balances your skin rhythm to give you younger, brighter and healthy looking skin. This serum delivers high concentration of vitamin C which reduces melanin production, fights hyperpigmentation, dark spots and age spots.
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Mellow Herbals Ayurvedic Acne Care Kit 
This kit contains an anti-acne face pack that controls excess sebum production and bacteria that triggers inflammation under the skin surface. The antiseptic and anti-bacterial herbal face pack is made with natural ingredients such as neem bark, clove and fuller’s earth powder, which tends to slow down the degradation of collagen, improves skin elasticity and removes acne and scars. It also contains rose water that is loaded with anti-inflammatory properties that will effectively work to reduce redness and help get rid of acne. It can be used as a great cleanser for your skin because it helps remove excess oil and dirt that accumulates in clogged pores.
Price: Rs.399
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Derma Essentia Ultra Hydrating Moisturiser 
This moisturiser floods the skin with long-lasting hydration and helps restore the protective skin barrier. It moisturises throughout the day for softer, healthier-looking skin and is wearable under makeup. Enriched with provitamin B5, it protects the skin’s barrier and helps the skin to retain its moisture levels and shield it from irritation. 
Price: Rs.382
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Mellow Ayurvedic Night Nectar Brightening Cream 
Enriched with ingredients like aloe vera, vitamin E, honey and almond oil, this night cream gives essential nutrients to the dry brittle skin and provides moisturisation throughout the night. It tones the skin, making it even, reduces wrinkles, and provides natural glow to the skin. 
Price: Rs.450
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Derma Essentia Mineral Sunscreen Gel 
This mineral sunscreen gel contains zinc oxide that provides ​​extensive protection against both UVA and UVB protection. It rejuvenates skin’s microbiome and provides antioxidant protection from free radical damage caused by UV radiation and  pollutants.
Price: Rs.709
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Mellow Herbals Ayurvedic Radiant Facial Massage Gel 
This gel refreshes and serves as an effective moisturiser to keep the skin soft and glowing. This massage gel is made with organic ingredients like Bergamot which reduces the excess oil, tones down the puffiness, and helps reduce dark circles. The rich compounds of the Geranium and Bergamot help to reduce the marks and uneven patches providing a clear looking skin.
Price: Rs.325
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Nourish Mantra Vedic Elixir 8-in-1 Rejuvenating Facial Oil 
This facial oil has pure drops of moisture-rich essence of Hemp Seed, powered by 8 luxurious oils, packed with antioxidants and vitamins to protect skin from pollutants, and visible signs of aging. This nutritive healing elixir richly nourishes, hydrates and delivers exceptional radiance to the skin. It diminishes fine lines, age spots and signs of skin fatigue for tighter, younger-looking skin. It sparks microcirculation for a brighter, youthful radiance and delivers optimal moisture, nutrition and care.
Price: Rs.1900
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Nourish Mantra Saatvik Moringa Moisturiser 
This moisturiser provides skin emulsion for lightweight hydration with exceptional therapeutic extracts of Moringa, Indian Ginseng and Gotu Kola, dollops of Shea Butter, nutritive oils like Coconut, Wheatgerm and Patchouli. It moisturises, improves skin texture, and promotes skin vitality and smoothness. The SPF protects the skin from harmful sun rays.
Price: Rs.1295
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