The benefits of drumsticks or Moringa, are many and the vegetable is extremely good in combatting a number of ailments. The seeds, flowers, leaves, and stems are all said to be edible and highly nutritious. The ‘super plant’ has its roots in Ayurveda and was used by Indian ancestors for making medicines. 
Moringa is an easily grown and considered a low maintenance tree. It is local to Asia, South America, and Africa and is particular grown widely in South India where it is a commonly consumed staple vegetable. Not only as a food commodity but Moringa also has some enriching benefits which may help you build immunity. Here’s a list of benefits of drumsticks that you must know :
We know what our bones scream for, Calcium! As it is readily available in drumsticks, they help us strengthen our bones. Additionally, Iron is also an element that’s present in drumsticks and helps in making healthy bones.
All the parts of the tree are highly nutritious and it is one of the rare varieties that benefit the human body in a wholesome perspective. 
This is probably the most important benefit of Moringa. It is an antioxidant and helps us in keeping the body safe from infections. Today, people consume different tablets and pills to boost the immunity. While this one way of increasing immunity, drumsticks are a natural and affordable way to build immunity available to all.
Moringa has blood purifying qualities by flushing out the impurities out of our bloodstreams. These qualities can help a lot of us with acne and other skin problems.
Drumsticks are advised to be consumed to increase immunity against Chickenpox due to their medicinal properties. It is also said to consume it in the months of March and April. And if it gives us a better chance of staying healthy then why not.
A disease known as the silent killer, Diabetes, can be caused by high sugar levels. Diabetes in turn can bring in several problems like heart diseases and damage to organs. All these scary and painful problems can be avoided by keeping the blood sugar level in check. Moringa has the presence of isothiocyanates which keep the blood glucose level in control. Therefore, Diabetic patients are often recommended to consume drumsticks.
Yep, not just antioxidants but many different nutrients are packed in those tasty little parts of the Moringa tree. Here’s a list of nutrients plus their benefits to your body.
Moringa has some surprising fat-burning properties. In fact, the process of slimming down comes free without losing energy levels. The leaves of the tree reduce food cravings and boost the metabolism. This increases the nourishment of the body and makes the body feel buoyant. 
So the above benefits are just a few of the more common ones. Many other benefits include nourishment for hair, detoxification, and strengthening the nervous system. All these together ensure a strong self and a better body.
All the parts of the tree are highly nutritious and it is one of the rare varieties that benefit the human body in a wholesome perspective. 
Information shared above is sourced from publicly available info. If you have allergies or any other ailment, please contact a specialist or doctor before consuming moringa
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