Breakfast is titled the most important meal of the day. It breaks the overnight fasting period, and provides your body essential supply of glucose which helps in boosting your energy levels. Infact, breakfast also contributes to your weight loss journey, only if you include the right kind of foods to your diet. There are several morning meals that are an obvious diet offender- namely waffles and pancakes, but there are a few breakfast staples which may not seem so sinful at first glimpse.Also Read – Add These 11 Nutrients to Your Everyday Diet to Keep You Going Strong in 2022
We asked Sonia Bakshi, nutritionist and founder of DtF on what are the foods one should avoid eating in breakfast if trying to lose weight. She listed 5 foods for our readers. Also Read – 3 Yoga Asanas to Quickly Burn Fat And Get Toned Hips

Upma (Picture credit: Freepik)
Flavoured yogurt is a big no no for breakfast (Picture credit: Freepik)
Don’t have fruit smoothie for breakfast (Picture credit: Pexels)
Cornflakes (Picture credit: Pixabay)

If you are on a weight loss journey, then make sure you avoid consuming these food items for breakfast.  Also Read – Researchers Finds How The Ovarian Cancer Can Develop in Women

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