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Whether you’ve made a new year resolution to put healthier products in your body, or you’re just wanting to feel your best, these easy short cuts may offer just the boost you need.
Nelson-based Chia Sisters has a fancy new look for its range of power-packed juices, smoothies and tonics. For a refreshing bottle of health and wellness, they offer superfood smoothies full of protein and fibre, iron and magnesium, hot tonics for immunity, and a chia drink range which, with their lovely chunky but smooth texture, are akin to drinking a natural (and healthy) bubble tea. Each drink in the range is all natural and properly packed with nutrients – from hemp and chia to turmeric and mānuka honey.
Chia Sisters is New Zealand’s highest-rated certified B-Corp (a title given to companies that uphold high standards of social and environmental impact), and recently won the title of industry Climate Action Leader at the 2021 Sustainable Business Awards, thanks to its zero-carbon (and solar-powered) production in Nelson, and work with other regional companies to reduce their footprints. Good for you, good for the planet.
Coconut oil is incredibly versatile – with a high smoke point and no discernable flavour, it can be used to saute, fry or just dress your salad, or simply take a teaspoon in the morning for a great source of energy. This little wonder tonic can be used for a lot more besides – as a base for massage oils, a hair conditioner, on scratches (it has antibacterial properties), or even as, ahem, a lubricant. Or just chuck it in a smoothie on your way out the door.
Blue Pacific’s coconut oils are sourced from around the Pacific, from Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu, Samoa, Fiji and beyond, and you can find out exactly where yours is from by looking up the batch number on the side of the container and heading to
But if it’s your health you’re thinking of, also available is the coconut MCT (medium chain triglycerides) oil, a tasteless oil that also offers a bunch of benefits. MCTs help your body to create ketones, gives you a feeling of fullness, and offer a quick sugar-free energy boost for high-impact activity.
Sometimes it’s simplest to get all your wellness out the way first thing in the morning. Eve, a New Zealand company that creates vitamins and supplements specifically for women, offers a “better together” two-pack of Morning Person vitamins and Queen V probiotics. In Queen V, you’ll find probiotics designed with women’s health needs in mind. And in Morning Person, a caffeine-free cocktail of vitamins will have you pepped and ready for the day – no matter what the night before looked like. The two retail together for $112, go to to learn more.
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