The indigenous Bunong communities in Mondulkiri province are looking forward to celebrating the first anniversary on January 29 of the registration of ‘Mondulkiri Wild Honey’ as a geographical indication (GI) product so that others will not sell their sub-standard honey product using the name Mondulkiri in their branding or marketing.
The registration was done by the Ministry of Commerce following an application sent by the Cambodian Institute for Research and Rural Development last year.
This is the fourth local commodity that is registered by the Ministry as a geographical trademark after Kampot pepper, Kampong Speu palm sugar, and Koh Trong grapefruit.
Ministry of Environment spokesman  Neth Pheaktra said yesterday that there are 11 communities that are involved in the Wild Honey production and they have been collecting high-quality honey from them over the past year.
“Out of the 11 communities, nine communities fall under the protected wildlife sanctuary in Sre Pok and Phnom Prich where they do sustainable harvesting of the quality honey,” he added.
He said the Mondulkiri honey is pure, thick, delicious, and has a sweet taste and fragrance.
He added that one community can collect up to 50 tonnes of honey a year and together with all other communities in the province, they can get about 150 tonnes to 200 tonnes of honey per year.
Meanwhile, WWF and its NGO partners have been supporting registering the Mondulkiri honey in the GI list to increase the community business and income so that the honey harvesters can have a better livelihood.
WWF country director Seng Teak said yesterday that of the 18 communities supported by WWF, only 11 communities have been registered and recognised as a “geographical honey forestry” in Mondulkiri province.
He added these honey products are natural and it is done by processing wild honey from the forest and not that which is bred.
A member of the indigenous Bunong Community,  Doung Dy Nony  said that he is happy that their honey product has been recognised by everyone locally and internationally as they are harvested naturally from the forest. Prior to being registered, he added the honey is collected individually and sold and thus it was not famous.
“When we do it as a community, it is recognised and the yield is higher and when all communities joint together, the output is even more every year,” he added.
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